Uncle Hank Comes To Visit

Uncle Hank Comes To Visit
copyright 2002 by Stormbringer
Revised 2009

Author's Note: This story is not a gay story, but contains a male/male sex scene between two underage teenagers of the same age. Despite the title, it is not an incest story. It does contain forced sex. The basic concept is that the hung stud uses every member of a family over the course of a lifetime.

Part 1

In the fall of 1965, James Hackett helped his pregnant wife out of the
house to their Ford. The young couple laughed as across the street their
good friends Henry and Beth Steele were also leaving their house, bags
packed for the hospital. "Maybe we'll share a room," shouted Beth across
the street. James Junior and Hank Steele III were born just hours apart.
One year later, Debbie Rutledge was born several houses down the street.


"Ow! Hank you big jerk," cried Debbie rubbing her head where he had
yanked on her pigtail.

"Come on Hank, leave her alone. Lets go." Jimmy ran off through the snow
hoping his best friend would follow. Hank followed, but not before
making a snowball and hitting Debbie in the back of her head.

"Hank Steele, I hate you," yelled the girl.

Hank laughed and the two boys ran off through the woods. "Hold it JJ, I
gotta piss."

"Me too," said Jimmy. Hank's mom had filled the boys up with hot
chocolate before sending them out in the cold.

Jimmy watched as Hank wrote a big yellow HS in the snow. He emulated his
friend writing JJ.

"Hey Jimmy, your things a lot smaller then mine."

Jimmy looked over at Hank and his buddy's penis was a lot bigger then
his own. Jim looked down at his penis then back at Hank's. "You’re right." Jim's penis was only a few inches long, he'd seen it bigger, but he was cold. Hank's was twice as big. "I wonder why," said Jimmy. For some reason he didn't like that Hank had a bigger thing then he did, but then Hank was a bigger boy. He was several inches taller then Jimmy and could have passed for twelve or thirteen other then ten.

"Mine gets bigger too," said Hank excitedly. "Sometimes when I wake up,
it's hard. See look, it's getting bigger now. Make yours bigger."

Jimmy tugged on his a couple times, but it only grew another inch and
remained soft. "It's too cold," he said, putting his penis away.

Hank stared at his hard penis, seemingly fascinated with it before he
put his away.


I shouldn't be doing this," said Debbie, as Hank's strong hands lifted
her up by the hips. She grabbed the top of the fence and pulled herself

Hank quickly scaled the fence, then had to reach back down to pull Jimmy
up. Jimmy made it over to the fence and down on the cement. The two boys
turned and looked at Debbie

"What are you two staring at?" asked Debbie putting her hands on her
hips. The moonlight and security lights illuminating her body.

"Nuthin," said both boys together. Debbie frowned at them and checked
her bikini. One day Debbie had been this geeky little girl and the next
she had breasts, big breasts, breasts as big as the English teacher they
stared at third period. Jim admired her young beauty and graceful
figure. Hank's dick got hard.

"Water's warm," said Debbie, jumping into the pool up to her waist.    

The boys stripped off their tee shirts and jumped in beside her. "Lets
play tag," said Hank.

"Ok," agreed Jimmy, Debbie just nodded and started swimming away. They
Called, "Not it," and Jimmy lost. He went after Debbie. He tagged her on
the shoulder, she lunged just reaching Hank's foot. Hank got her back,
grabbing her ass.

Later, Jimmy chased Debbie around the pool, then she climbed out. He
followed chasing her around the diving board. He almost had her cornered
and was standing beside the water when he heard Hank jump up and yanked
Jim's shorts down. Debbie laughed just before Jimmy cupped his genitals
in his hand to cover them and jumped back in the pool to get his shorts
back up. He went after Hank next, tagging him.

Debbie swam as fast from Hank as she could, but he was larger and
faster. He accidentally grabbed her breast, squeezing it twice to make
sure she knew he had tagged her. She got him back and fled out of the

Hank followed and cornered her just like Jimmy had. He stood beside the
pool staring at her. Jim and Debbie had become friends over the years,
but she didn't care for Hank. He was still the obnoxious  boy he was at
ten. Unfortunately, the two boys were inseparable. Jimmy was swimming
over now to get Hank back. Jimmy was clumsy and making a lot of noise,
but the big oaf wasn't paying any attention. He just stood there staring
at her breasts, the cold night air making her nipples hard. Jimmy sprang
up and pulled Hank's trunks down.

Debbie gasped as Hank's penis fell out of his pants. It was huge and
hard. Hank's penis stood straight out from his body looking just like
the diving board. Hank couldn't have covered it with both hands where
Jimmy had hid his with just his palm, nor did Hank even try to cover it.
Hank just stepped out of his shorts and walked over to her. "Tag, your
it," he said, tapping her on the shoulder as the head of his penis
touched her belly button.

"Hank Steele, put your shorts on this instant."

"Nope," said Hank laughing. He jumped back in the pool. "Lets all skinny

"Not me," said Debbie. "It's getting late. I'd better go."

"Need help?" asked Jimmy, swimming over to the side of the pool to watch
her dress.

"No, I can make it out. Thanks Jimmy. I'll see you two tomorrow."

Jimmy watched her push a chair over to the gate and climb over. She had
just jumped down when Hank swam under water and pulled his shorts off
again. Jimmy chased him to get his shorts back and the two rough-housed
for awhile grabbing each other. Hank pushed Jimmy under and Jimmy
reached out grabbing for Hank's leg, but instead he grabbed Hank's
penis, his hand easily sliding off the slick log.

Hank stood up looking at Jimmy kind of funny. The bigger boy walked back
to the wall, pulled himself out backwards and sat, legs dangling in the
water. His penis sticking out eleven inches from his crotch. Jimmy
stared at his friend's penis just inches from his face. A beam of light
suddenly swung over Hank's head. "Shit," said Hank, "It's the security

The two boys jumped up, running to the gate. The development's security
guard had driven up on the other side of the pool and was shining his
flashlight at them. Hank was up and over the gate in a flash, Jimmy
followed more slowly using Debbie's chair and slipping in the grass as
he jumped down. Luckily, the guard was an old, slow, retired man. Naked,
the boys ran across the field, disappearing among the houses.

"Fort McHenry," shouted Hank. The fort was a shed the owners kept
unlocked. Hank had claimed it as his fort when they were eleven. The
owners were only home on weekends. The boys made it to the safety of the
shed and shut the door.

"Shit Hank, our clothes," said Jimmy. "We can't go home like this."

"Just stay cool, dude," said Hank opening up a lawn chair and then
unfolding one for Jimmy. "We'll hang here for awhile, then I'll sneak
back and get our clothes. The old man will never catch me."

Jimmy sat down in his chair, surprised to see that his penis was hard.
The excitement and adrenaline rush of the chase had given him an
erection. At some point over the past three years, he had caught up with
Hank and was getting erections constantly as fifteen year old boys do.
Hank's penis was still erect, dwarfing Jimmy's in length and girth.

"I caught you jerking off once," said Hank suddenly. "I looked through
your window to see if you were up and you were wanking off looking at a
Sears catalog."

Jimmy's face turned beat red. "So what? I'm sure you do it too."

"I'm gonna do it now," said Hank.


"Yeah man, seeing Deb in that bikini and grabbing her breasts has me all
horny." Hank spit in his hand and began coating the tip of his penis."

"You leave Debbie alone," said Jimmy angrily. He was jealous that Hank
had touched her breasts.

"Shut up. I know you think about her when you jerk off. Lets do it

Jimmy ended up spitting in his hand and staring at Hank jacking off
while stroking his own dick. Hank was watching Jimmy do the same, but
every now and then, Hank looked down at his own dick and smiled. "Jimmy,
why don't you come suck my dick for me?"

"Hell no! Suck your own dick."

"Ok." Hank bent down and took the tip of his penis in his mouth. Jimmy
was instantly even more jealous. Hank sat back up, the head of his penis
was as big as a golf ball and glistened from his saliva. "I bet you wish
you could do that."

Jimmy just nodded.

"You wont believe how good it feels. Tell you what, if you come suck me
off, I'll suck you off."

"Dude, I ain't gay."

"Neither am I, but we can pretend it's Debbie sucking our dicks."

"You serious?"

"Yeah man, do it and I'll do you." Hank reached over and grabbed Jimmy's
penis. "Would I touch it, if I were kidding?"

"N-no," said Jimmy. It felt good when he touched his penis, but someone
else touching it was driving him crazy, even Hank's rough hand.

"Come on dude, come suck me. This will be just between us. no one will

"And you'll suck mine?"

"Promise." Hank sat back as Jimmy got off his chair and kneeled before
him. Hank thought he was going to bust a nut right there just thinking
about getting his first blow job.

Jimmy reached out a tentative hand and grabbed his friend's penis. It
felt completely different from touching his own, it was so big and hard,
his fingers didn't even touch it was so thick. Jimmy pulled Hank's penis
down so that the head was just inches from his mouth. "I'm not sure
about this?"

"Do it." Hank's eyes opened wide when Jimmy put his hot lips around the
tip of Hank's penis and took the entire head in his mouth. "Oh my god,
this is awesome," said Hank.

Jimmy choked, then gagged. "This isn't easy," he said. "You're too big."

"Just do your best, dude." Hank was eager to have his dick sucked.

Jimmy nodded. He imagined what he would like having someone sucking him
off and started doing the same to Hank. He licked around the tip of
Hank's dick, running his tongue over the sensitive tip. Hank's dick
bucked a couple times with excitement. Jimmy took the tip back in his
mouth and bobbed his head over the first few inches while stroking the
rest of the shaft with his hand. Hank must have been enjoying it, his
penis was getting even bigger and harder. Jimmy's mouth was suddenly
full of hot cum and he gagged, releasing Hank's dick from his mouth and
getting hit in the nose by another large wad. He spit the mouthful of
cum out after inadvertently swallowing some. "You could have warned me,
man," said Jimmy.

"Sorry," grunted Hank, with a look that suggested he wasn't sorry at all.

"Alright my turn." Jimmy sat down and spread his legs. His five inch
penis was the hardest he'd ever seen it.

Hank didn't look too thrilled, but he kneeled down on the floor and
grabbed Jimmy's dick. He brought his face down, but looked disgusted as
he brought his mouth near it. "Sorry dude, I can't do this," he said,

"But you promised?"

"Yeah, sorry. I just can't. Take care of it yourself while I go get our

Jimmy was pissed at Hank for breaking his promise and jerked off waiting
for his friend to get back. When Hank returned, the big boy just tossed
his clothes in the door and turned to leave. "Hey, where ya goin?"

"It's late dude, gotta go home."

Jimmy was worried that Hank was mad at him, but Hank came over the next
day. However, all he wanted was another blow job. Jimmy ended up sucking
him off in the shed again after Hank swore he'd do Jimmy. Hank grabbed
the sides of Jimmy's head, fucking his face. Jimmy was learning to relax
his throat and swallowed more this time. Hank lasted longer too,
gripping Jimmy's head between his hands as he came. Jimmy was forced to
gulp his cum down. Hank acted funny again immediately afterwards and
wouldn't suck Jimmy off once again.

Jimmy got his blow job the next day and it was every thing he dreamed it
would be. He had refused to suck Hank off until Hank did him. He figured
Hank was losing interest after cumming and he was right. Jimmy lost
interest too, but did Hank anyway because he kept his promises.

Becoming suck buddies ruined their friendship. They continued sucking
each other off for three years, but were no longer friends. Hank started
hanging out with some older kids, smoking and drinking beer. Debbie
never knew why the two boys had a falling out, but she got to spend more
time with Jimmy and the two started dating when he got his drivers
license. Jimmy's car would be parked in the woods one night while he
sucked off Hank in the back seat and the next night he would be making
out with Debbie in the same spot.

Hank quit calling Jimmy for blow jobs when he started getting laid
regularly. Hank was the school's quarterback, senior year and had dated
six of the cheerleaders. Rumor had it, he'd dump one as soon as he'd
fucked her and move on to the next. Jimmy listened to Hank brag
constantly in the gym shower. The big kid's cock had grown to twelve
inches and would be sticking out completely hard as he described fucking
this girl or that one. Jimmy's penis had stopped at five and a half,
small, but not that smaller then the other boys. Jimmy would glance at
Hank's dick in the shower, as did all the other boys. He found he
somewhat missed sucking on it. When jerking off, he thought of Hank's
dick half the time, Debbie the other half of the time, and sometimes, he had Hank’s dick as he made love to Debbie.

The prom was the best night of Jimmy's life. Hank arrived half drunk
with one of the cheerleaders. He ran into Jimmy in the bathroom. "Jimmy
buddy, I'm sorry I been a jerk to you these last few years."

"S'ok man, we drifted apart that's all. We're two different people. I
head the chess club, you're the big football star."

"Yeah, but I want"- Hank paused while he burped loudly- "you to know,
you'll always be my best friend."

"You too, buddy," said Jimmy, and the boys hugged, slapping each other on the back. "Why you telling me this now?"

"I'm going in the army and wanted to clear the air."

Prom night was also the night, Jimmy and Debbie lost their virginity.
The sex wasn't good, Jimmy didn't last long, but the sex got a little
better after the first time.  


Hank stole all the attention at Jimmy and Debbie's wedding. He looked
magnificent in his dress uniform. His skin was bronzed and his dirty
blonde hair was cropped short. Jim still looked queasy from the impromptu bachelor party Hank had thrown him last night. Jimmy got quite drunk and had discovered what a lap dance was.

The wedding party stayed at a country inn with the bride and groom
taking the honeymoon suite. Jimmy was lying nude on the bed as Debbie
Rutledge-Hackett walked out of the bathroom. Debbie wasn't nude however,
she was wearing a white, lacy, see-thru, bra with matching panties. She
also wore a garter and white stockings, a naughty gift she'd received at
her bridal shower.

Debbie had been gorgeous at fourteen and had grown more beautiful every
year since. Her hair was brown and straight, she kept it long, the ends
even with her nipples. She had big, hazel eyes and her full red lips
were often upturned as if she found life very amusing. Her body was
truly magnificent. Her breasts were a 36C while her waist and belly
remained fit and trim. Her nipples were long and hardened easily, not
just the nipple, but her entire quarter-sized areola puffed up. Her ass
was full and round, filling out her tight jeans or whatever she happened
to be wearing. Her legs were fit and long with pretty, dainty feet.
Jimmy couldn't find one flaw with her appearance. The only drawback was
the constant attention from men her looks and body drew her, but she was
completely loyal to Jimmy as if they were soul mates born to be together.

"Mrs. Hackett, what are you doing?" asked Jimmy as Debbie climbed up on
the bed between his legs and kneeled.

"Something special for my husband," she replied. "Something I'm sure you
always wanted." Debbie bent down and took Jimmy's penis in her mouth.

Debbie had never done this before and Jimmy loved her for it. She was
never terribly interested in sex, but she was a dutiful girlfriend and
wife. Jimmy hoped she'd loosen up after they were married and tonight
was a start.

Debbie quit sucking on the head and began licking all around it, up and
down the shaft. Not bad, but Jimmy thought he could have showed her some
pointers. She was just about to take him back in her mouth when she
heard, "Suck that big cock, bitch."

"What?" Debbie stopped, looking disgusted at her husband.

Jimmy had his ear cocked toward the wall. "Suck on my balls." It was
Hank's voice.

"Looks like Hank got lucky," said Jimmy.

"Who's he with?" whispered Debbie, climbing up into her husband's arms.

"Get on all fours and stick that big ass in the air." A woman's voice
moaned, there was a moments silence and then, BANG.

Both Jimmy and Debbie jumped as the headboard in the room next door hit
the wall behind their bed. BANG, BANG, BANG. It started slow picking up
until it was a constant pounding. "You’re so big," said a woman's voice.
Debbie's brow furrowed.

"You're loving my big cock. I bet you like my cock better then your

"You’re so fucking right. I've never been fucked like this."

"Oh my god, that's Sheree," said Debbie horrified. Sheree was Debbie's
bridesmaid and current roommate in college. Sheree had been married for
just over a year to a really nice guy. He lived with them, but had been
unable to make it to the wedding.

"I'm cumming!"

Jimmy was really turned on listening to the sex next door, he tried to
make love to his wife, but she seemed too shocked and horrified, by what
she was hearing. Twenty minutes passed and his erection was gone. The
endless pounding had turned annoying. He tried to cover his ears with a

"Oh, ah cumming."

Debbie stuck up her fourth finger as if she had been counting the number
of orgasms Sheree had. The banging had stopped, replaced by the constant
squeaking of bed springs. Jimmy could picture Sheree on Hank's huge

"Ride that big cock slut. Getting close."

"Come in my pussy." Hank grunted and Sheree cried out again."

"Five times," said Debbie looking dazed.

"Isn't she trying to have a baby?" asked Jimmy.

"Yeah, she is."

"I love your big cock," said the woman's voice in the next room. "How
big is it?"

"Exactly twelve inches," said Hank.

"I don't remember it being that big," whispered Debbie.

"It is," said Jimmy, hastily adding, "I've seen him hard in gym. It got
bigger since that day in the pool."

"Bigger?" whispered Debbie to herself. She was toying with Jimmy's penis
which quickly turned hard again, not even six inches long. Debbie
examined it closely, really checking it out for the first time. Jimmy
had always been jealous of Hank, but for the first time he was
embarrassed by his own size.

Debbie let go and snuggled up beside him. They drifted off to sleep and
dozed off before, BANG.

"No Hank, you’re too big. Not my ass. My husband doesn't even fuck me
there. Ow, oh god, too big, too fucking big." BANG BANG BANG "Fuck me,
fuck my ass. Fuck me anywhere. God, I love your big cock."

Jimmy and Debbie's first day of marriage went unconsummated. The next
morning the springs next door were squeaking again when the newlyweds
woke up. Sheree just made it downstairs to say goodbye as the limo drove
the newlyweds to the airport. The bridesmaid was walking funny, her
cheeks were swollen, and her hair was mussed. She looked dazed, but had
a dumb grin on her face. Debbie was cold towards her, but Sheree didn't
seem to notice or care. Hank saluted them as they drove off.


"Hello baby Emma," said Hank holding the little girl in his arms."

"Hank, I'd like you to be Emma's godfather."

"Why Jimmy, I'd be honored."

"How long's your leave? You can stay with us of course."

"Just four more days."

"So, you staying in the army?" asked Debbie taking her daughter back in
her arms.

"Yeah, for awhile longer. I'm finally getting what I want, armored
cavalry. I'm gonna be a tanker."

Part 2


Debbie opened the door and found herself staring at a chest full of
medals and muscles. "Hank! What a surprise, we haven't seen you in five
years. Jim will be thrilled."

"Mommy, who's dat?"

"Why this must be Emma," said Hank, bending down. "You don't remember me, but I'm an old friend of your daddy's. Call me Uncle Hank. She looks
just like you Debbie... well who's this?"

"This is Billy," said Debbie, as her two year old son came up and hugged
her, staring around her leg at the stranger. "We would have told you,
but we lost contact and of course we moved."

"Yeah, sorry. I've been in Saudi Arabia for two years."

"Is that how you got all those medals?"

"Yeah, my crew got three kills against Iraqi tanks. Would have been more, but the fly boys kept finding them first. I command an Abrahms."

Jimmy got home late from the office and was delighted to see Hank
sitting back in the hot tub smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. "Hank!
How you doing buddy?"

"Just fucking great, JJ."

Jim hated foul language and glanced around to make sure Deb and the kids
weren't near. "Where's Debbie?"

"Putting the kids to bed."

"About time you got home," said Debbie, coming out of the house in her
bikini, carrying a refill for Hank. "Go get changed." Jim hurried inside
while Debbie climbed up into the hot tub. The big man openly leered at
her as he took the beer. At 27, Debbie's figure had actually improved
over the near perfect body she'd had in her mid-teens. Debbie had always
been a health and diet fanatic and her body was so fat free, her breast
size had decreased a cup until swelling up a cup size after each child
was born. They were now 36DD and she hated carrying the extra weight
around. She'd been trying for two years to get her breasts back to
normal, but so far it hadn't worked.  

Hank watched Debbie climb into the hot tub, still leering at her body to
the extent Debbie wished she'd worn her more modest one piece. "Take a
picture, Henry."

"I would if I had a camera, Deborah. Your tits are fucking awesome."

"HANK! Language please!" Debbie blushed, her cheeks turning crimson. She
was saved from the uncomfortable situation by the arrival of Jim. He was
wearing his swim trunks and carrying a beer. "James! You're drinking?"

"Just one dear. They were in the fridge."

"You know Hank, as soon as he saw the house was empty of booze, he
borrowed my car to hit the liquor store."

"No booze!" Hank shook his head. "If it weren't for Debs being half
nekkid, this house would be as bad as Saudi fucking Arabia."

Jim watched his wife squirm. She'd never liked Hank all that much as
kids and especially since he'd nailed her married roommate on their
wedding night. Jim suddenly wished she'd worn her one piece. "I haven't
had a beer since last time you were here, two years ago."

"Jesus, what do you two do for fun? You don't know how good you got it
until you been to some third world shit hole."

"How was it?" asked Jim, watching Hank's dog tags glint as the big man
leaned back.

"Boring mostly. The fighting was short lived, the rest of the time you
sat around thinking of pussy and booze."

"Hank! Watch your language...what are you two doing up?"

Emma and Billy were standing at the sliding glass door. "We didna say
nighty to Uncle Hank," said Emma, while Billy nodded in agreement.

"Night kids," said Hank, pushing his spent cigar into his empty beer can.

"I'll put them to bed," said Debbie, rising.

"No dear, it’s my turn." Jim knew she probably wanted an excuse to get
away from Hank, but he wanted an excuse to get another beer.

Debbie's eyes tried to plead with her husband as he stood up. Jim had a
thin, scrawny build, but had grown a little paunch, which looked worse
thanks to a sunken chest. He climbed down the hot tub and escorted the
children inside. Something nudged Debbie's breast. She looked down and
saw Emma's rubber duck floating in the water. "Kids," she said, grabbing
it and tossing it on the deck.

"There's somethin else in front of me," said Hank.

It was dark outside, but the light from the house was enough for Debbie
to make out something bobbing in the water directly in front of where
Hank was leaning back into the tub grinning. "I'll get it." Debbie
reached out and placed several fingers around the object. She squeezed
what felt like a hard rubber ball about the size of a golf ball. She
pulled on it, but the thing seemed rooted to the spot. Her hand slid
down the finding the ball was just the end of a long shaft the size of
her wrist. "What is this thing?" Her hand slid further down, but was
heading too close to Hank's crotch and she didn't want to give him any
ideas. She pulled on it, then put her other hand on it and pulled again.
Hank stood as she gave his penis a final yank.

Debbie was horrified to see her two dainty hands wrapped tightly around
Hank's huge penis. "My god," she whispered, letting go. Hank's penis
stood out straight as a diving board even with Deb's eyes, while two
orange-sized testicles swung underneath. Water dripped down his chiseled
body, so different from her husband's. "It did get bigger!"

"We really shouldn't Deb. You're my best friend's wife and all."

"I didn't know it was your..."

"Cock? Sure you didn't. Tell you what, I'll let you kiss the head before
Jim gets back."

"No!" Oh my god, Jim, she thought. What if he caught her sitting there
with Hank's cock bobbing in front of her face. "Sit down before Jim
comes back. I didn't know you were skinny dipping."

"Don't own a suit. No fucking pools in the desert and I ain’t sitting
down until you kiss it."

"Please, sit down."

"Not until you kiss it. I think I can see JJ moving around in there.
Here he comes." Debbie leaned forward and gave Hank's cock a quick peck,
but he didn't sit down. "False alarm."


"For that, I'm not going to sit down until you lick it."

"No way."

"I mean it. Lick it or we'll stay just like this until JJ comes out. Do
it. NOW!"

Debbie jumped, startled by Hank's voice. It was one used to barking
commands and also to being obeyed. She didn't have any time to think,
just to act. She leaned forward and licked the tip. She hadn't licked a
man's penis since her wedding night.

"Keep doing it. The whole head." Hank looked down at the beautiful
brunette reaching up to grasp the base of his cock to steady it. He saw
Jim coming back and yelled, "JJ, grab me another brewski." Jim aborted
his approach and turned around. Debbie looked up at Hank furiously, but
continued licking around his cock head. "Make that two, JJ," yelled
Hank, stopping Jim once again before he got outside.

"That's it, I'm done." Deb pulled back, but couldn't take her eyes off
Hank's cock.

"You ain't done till you put the head in your mouth."


"Here he comes," said Hank, slapping his hard cock against Debbie's

"Jerk," she said bringing her mouth forward. Debbie crinkled her nose in distaste when she saw the fluid leaking from Hank’s bulbous cock head. She put her lips around the head and he pushed forward until the head hit her throat. When Hank withdrew, the fluid was gone. The big warrior swiftly sat back down.

"Here you go Hank," said Jim, handing the two beers up. "Why'd you want

"One's for Debbie. I figured we'd celebrate my leave."

"Honey?" Jim looked at his wife secretly glad, because he could get away
with having another can.

Debbie shrugged her shoulders. "If you can't beat'em, join'em." She
popped her beer and swirled some of it around her mouth to clean it of
the taste of Hank's cock and precum. She swallowed, making a face at the
bitter taste. Hank turned around and leaned down for his pack. Debbie
noticed Jim signaling to her, pointing at his chest. She looked down her
chest and was horrified to see her nipples were rock hard, the entire
quarter-sized circles puffed up as well as the nipples. Disgusted with
herself for getting turned on, Debbie sank low into the water as Hank
turned around with another cigar.

"So what was it like over there?" asked Jim.

Hank told the couple his war stories, proposing a lot of toasts to the
army and his tank crew. They called me Hank the tank."

"Because you commanded an Abrahms?"

"Because I have a big cannon. Beer's empty JJ."

"Coming right up. Another honey?" Jim asked his wife.

"Yesh, pleashe." Debbie watched her husband stand up and climb down.
"You best shtay sitting down, Hank Shteele. Shtop it this instant." She
said the later because Hank had put a hand on her knee. His hand was
sliding towards her thigh and Debbie squeezed her legs shut. Hank just
chuckled and pried her knees open with both hands. "Pleashe don't..."
Hank gripped under her knees and pushed her legs wide open and up,
moving between them. "This has gone on too far. I'll shcream."

Hank blew smoke from the cigar still in his mouth into her face making
her crinkle her nose in disgust. "I think you want my cock in you." Hank
pushed his cock hard against her bikini bottoms under the water.


"Feels hot to me." He pushed hard against her and Debbie let out an
involuntary moan. Hank slid his arms down her legs and to her waist.

Debbie felt his hand on her bikini bottoms and then he was yanking them
down. Debbie stared in horror as Hank brought them up to his nose and
sniffed, before tossing them far away into the bushes just as Jim came

"I brought the rest out so we wouldn't have to run to the fridge for
refills," said Jim.

Debbie was white as a ghost as she took another beer from her husband.
What would Jim think if he caught her without her panties and Hank
skinny dipping? Hank's cock hadn't even deflated one bit either. The
head kept rearing out of the water every time Jim covered his face
sipping from his beer can and it was covering Jim's face a lot. Hank was
proposing lots of toasts and Jim was taking advantage of the situation
to drink plenty of beer since Debbie didn't allow him to keep any in the
fridge. He was starting to slur a little now and his head kept nodding
down towards his chest. Debbie felt drunk after the first can and now
she was starting to see double.

Both Jims suddenly slipped under the water and Hank's four hands reached
out to grab her husband who came up spluttering. Debbie shook her head
to clear it as Jim said, "Thash enuff for me. Time to hay the hit...er
hit the hay. Letsh go honey."

"You two are fucking light weights," said Hank.

"I'll be right in. Just let me finish my beer," said Debbie, seeing a way out of her situation. Jim swayed while climbing out of the hot tub and stumbled into the house. "Thanksh god," she slurred. Debbie started to stand but realized Hank would see her bare crotch. "Hank, go out there and get me my bottoms pleashe."


"You threw them! Pleashe?" Debbie stepped back against the wall as Hank
lowered himself and approached her. "Stop!" One hand slid up her thigh.
One beefy finger traveled along her slit. "No," she grabbed his hand and
pulled it out of the water.

"You want it. You’re wet," he said and Hank's other hand slid down her

"It's underwater you idiot," she said, grabbing his other hand. Debbie
wasn't kidding herself. She was holding both his hands by the wrists out
of the water only because he wasn't struggling.

"It's wet and hot, Debbie. You want it bad. Jim's pencil dick ain’t
treating you like the little whore you are is it?" Hank's hips were
wedged between her legs preventing her from closing them.

"Go to hell! Jim's all the man I nEEd...argh...ow...oh my god no."
Hank's cock had thrust forward like a guided missle and found it's way
straight into her pussy. It hurt because the thick head had pushed her
labia inside her until her lips stretched wide around it and sprung
back. "Stop...too big...Jim...no more."  Debbie released his hands to
push back against his chest. It was like pushing against a brick wall.
His hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs farther apart as his
cock pushed deeper. "Pleashe, no more. JIM!" Debbie knew Jim was probably passed out, but yelled anyway. Then she worried about waking her children so she didn't yell again.

"Gawd damn, you're fucking tight," growled Hank.

"No." Hank raised Debbie up and her body appeared until it was floating
in the water. His cock felt like it was stuffing her, but at least half
was still sticking out between her legs. Debbie felt her head slipping
underwater, so she reached out with her arms and braced herself against
the hot tub. "Hank, stop. Thank god." The later was said because Hank
began withdrawing his cock, but he was only juicing it up. He pushed
forward again and the tip pushed deeper then Jim had ever been. Hank
pulled back and pushed several more times. Debbie's face flushed with
shame because her pussy was soaking his big cock and it had nothing to
do with the water. Her belly was undulating, raising her crotch up into
his thrusts.

Hank released her ankles and caught her knees in the crook of his arms.
This freed his hands which immediately grabbed her breasts. "Fucking
awesome titties," he said, pawing at them like an animal until her bikini top came off. "You should be on the pole."

Debbie felt shame again at the erect condition of her nipples. Hank
grabbed them between his fingers, twirling and stroking them. They were
harder when he released them. Debbie winced as Hank's cock head hit a
sensitive spot deep in her pussy. She had expected it to hurt, but it
didn't. Hank pulled back and thrust again. The front of his thighs
mashed into her ass. She looked down her body to see their pubic hair
blending together. His entire cock had disappeared in her pussy. His
cock leaped and a tremor coursed through her body. "No!" His cock jerked
again, the tremor turned to ripples of pleasure. "No," she said in
denial over her body's betrayal. He jerked it again, the ripples turning
to a wave. "No more," she gasped, looking at him. The asshole was staring at her intently watching the reactions her face was showing to what his cock was doing in her pussy.

"I think you like big cock, Debbie." Hank was smirking at her. He jerked
his cock yet again, this time grinding their crotches together.

"No more. Pleashe." She was going to cum. Fight it, Debbie, fight it.
Don't give the big jerk the satisfaction. "No! More," she begged as he
kept jerking his cock. "No! More, give me more. Ah Gawd yes, more,
please more, ooohhh god, oh god, aaahhh." Debbie's pussy was spasming
all around Hank's cock as the orgasm shook her. Her crotch gripped his
shaft, ballooning up around it seconds later. She saw spots before her
eyes, then everything went dark for a second.

The pleasure was intense and never ending. Hank had started bucking his
hips now, and her body was fucking him back. She pushed against the wall
of the hot tub every time he buried his shaft. How dare you, she thought. How dare you make me cum. Debbie wanted to scream out, I hate you, but instead, "Fuck me," came from her lips.

"Did I hear you right? Is the big titted slut begging Uncle Hank to fuck

"Just fuck me, asshole."

"Asshole! Maybe I won't fuck you," said Hank, pulling back so that his
cock almost plopped free of her pussy.

"No! Fuck me, pleashe fuck me," Debbie begged, hating herself.

"Maybe I will then." Hank pushed it all the way in. "And maybe I won't."
He pulled out. "maybe I will, maybe not." Hank started fucking her using
the entire length of cock.

"Fuck me Hank, fuck me with that big cock." Debbie stared at their crotches amazed at the sight of his giant shaft sliding in and out of her pussy with ease. His hard thrusts sent waves of water rolling over her belly to break on her breasts. It didn't look like her body at all fucking Hank. It looked like the body of some horny slut who loved every inch of Hank’s giant prick. Her hips were bucking, her belly was rolling, and her entire body was writhing as Hank's massive dick gave her another orgasm. Debbie gasped and moaned with pleasure. Her husband had never given her two orgasm during one sex session and none as big as the two she'd had tonight.

Hank's thrusts were going erratic and it was his turn to make noise. He
grunted and buried his cock which bucked and leaped in her pussy,
flooding it with hot sperm. The second his sperm hit her womb, she had a
third orgasm. Her body went crazy as jet after jet of sperm filled her
pussy. Debbie lost count of the orgasms he was giving her.

Hank kept cumming and cumming and cumming until his cock quit jerking.
It quickly deflated and he pulled his spent cock out releasing a torrent
of sperm into the hot tub. "Sorry about that, Deb. I aint had me no pussy in two years. Fucking desert shit."

"Don't you play with it?"

"Not since I got my first blowjob when I was fifteen."

Debbie couldn't remember Hank running around with any girls when he was
that young, just her husband, but he had no reason to lie. He'd had some
slut on the side.

Hank stood up, his cock hanging straight down, limp but still looking at
least a foot long. "Sorry," he said again. "It had been so long for me,
I shouldn't have cum so quickly." He reached down to pull her to her feet. What the hell did he mean by quickly? He pounded her hard for a good fifteen minutes. "Plus, I wanted to fuck you bad ever since seeing you in that bikini the night we went pool hopping in our teens."

Debbie's anger took over and she brought her hand up, slapping him
across the cheek with a loud smack. "Asshole." Hank looked surprised,
but Debbie was even more surprised. His cock had just plumped up a

Debbie climbed down the hot tub onto the deck. She walked down to the lawn bending to retrieve her bikini bottoms. Hank watched her firm legs stretch as she bent over. They ran up to her well rounded ass and he could see her well-fucked pussy open between them. His cock rose to half mast. Debbie didn't put her panties back on, she held them in her fist as she came back up on the deck. She stared, shocked at his cock sticking straight out so soon after cumming. She reached into the tub, for her top, then turned, storming towards the sliding glass door. Hank watched her ass shake as she walked away. Soon, his cock was pointing upwards, bobbing as he followed her.

Debbie made it to the living room before she felt Hank's hands on her
hips. He grabbed her and pulled her ass back into his stiff cock. "Not
again," she cried. His hand pushed down on her back until she fell to
her knees. He followed her down, pushing her forwards onto all fours.
Hank grabbed her hips and guided his cock once again into her pussy.

Debbie could see right down the hall. Her bedroom door was open and the
Light was on. Jim was laying on the bed, still dressed, passed out. His face was looking right at her as he snored so loudly, she could hear him way out here. If he'd open his eyes, he'd see what a slut he had for a wife. Debbie did think she was a slut for no sooner was his cock inside, then her body started reacting to it.

They rocked on the floor for awhile before Hank began picking up speed
until his balls slapped her thighs painfully. His powerful cock soon had
her on the verge of another orgasm and that orgasm tore through her when
Hank pushed his finger into her ass. "Oohh my god!"

"Tell me you’re my whore."

"I'm your whore, Hank."

"Tell me you love this cock."

"I love your cock."

"Who owns this pussy?"

"You Hank, my pussy belongs to you."


"Because of your big cock. I love your big cock. Fuck me Hank. I'm
cumming!" Debbie was too weak to keep pushing back into him. She
collapsed forwards resting her head on her arms with just her ass in the
air. Her pussy had been fucked so long and hard tonight it was starting
to feel raw. "Please, no more."

"What? I thought you loved this cock."

"I do. I just can't take it anymore. It's too sore down there."

"But I haven't cum yet?"

"Sorry, just too sore." Hank was nice this time and listened to her.
Strange, but Debbie felt a little disappointed as he pulled his cock
out. She liked being used like a fuck toy. His finger followed suit,
leaving her ass. Hank kept his hands on her ass though, holding her down
and spreading her cheeks apart. His cock suddenly slapped her crack,
resting there for a moment. It slid down approaching her pussy again.
Debbie half smiled, half grimaced as she anticipated getting fucked
again, but the head stopped moving on her anus. Hank released one of her
ass cheeks. Suddenly, Debbie felt pressure from Hank's big cock head.
Pressure pushing down.

"Jesus!" she stated loudly, then said, "no," much softer. If she spoke
too loudly her husband might open his eyes or worse, her children could
wake up. "Quit messing with me, Hank. It's too big to fit in there."

"No it ain’t."

Debbie's eyebrows arched with terror as the pressure on her anus
increased. He wasn't playing with her! He meant to fuck her in the ass!
"Hank, no, you'll rip me in two. Jim hasn't even gone there."

"Good, it's all mine then."

"No!" Debbie felt her asshole pushing inwards, then it was opening. She
tried to crawl forwards, but Hank let go of her other cheek and quickly
grabbed her hair, holding it tight. He didn't pull it, but if she tried
to pull away, it hurt. That moment, she wished she had chosen to have
her hair pulled. Her anus opened wider then it ever had before and
Hank's cock slowly started sliding in.

The only thing Debbie could compare it with was giving birth. The head
was in her now, slowly plunging deeper. His cock was well lubricated
from their combined juices as it tunneled it's way deeper and deeper.
Debbie struggled briefly, pulling her hair, but she gave up. She'd just
have to take the pain. His cock stopped moving and Hank pushed harder,
but it seemed wedged. Debbie's ass closed up as he pulled his cock back,
but then it slammed forwards pushing several inches deeper and that
seemed to satisfy Hank. He released her hair to let her head fall to the
ground. Hank quit moving, quit doing anything. He just sat there.

Debbie's ass grew accustomed to his cock faster then she thought it
would. The pain started fading to a numb, intense, stuffed feeling. She
wanted to see how much she had taken. Debbie pushed herself off the
ground until she could look back over her shoulder. There was maybe four
inches of Hank's cock sticking out of her ass meaning around eight was
buried in her. Odd, but it made her feel a little proud to have taken so
much. More cock appeared as Hank pulled back. It felt like he was
pulling her anus out, it was clinging so tightly to his cock. Hank then
pushed forward.

Hank began steadily fucking her ass. Debbie wasn't sure at which point
she started liking it. All he knew was that one second the pain was gone
and shortly after, she was pushing her ass back into his thrusting cock.
"Like that, baby?" he asked.

"Yeah, Hank. Fuck my ass. Fuck it with your big dick." Debbie didn't
know where she had picked up language like this, but it seemed
appropriate with a man like Hank. He listened to her too, starting to
fuck her hard. Debbie slid one arm under her body while her head
collapsed to the floor resting on her other arm. The hand under her body
found it's way between her legs. Debbie rubbed her clit with the tip of
her finger, increasing speed as Hank started fucking her harder. One
last orgasm burst from her pussy as Hank buried his cock and pumped huge
spurts of cum deep into her ass.

"Well, goodnight," said Hank pulling his cock out. He smacked his thick,
deflated member hard against her ass a couple times. "See ya in the

Debbie remained on the floor watching Hank walk to the kitchen. He acted
as if nothing unusual had just happened. He came out with a
fresh beer in his hand. His banana penis swinging between his legs as he
walked back outside. Debbie stood up and saw him climbing back into the
hot tub. He lit a cigar and leaned back enjoying the night.

Debbie limped to the bathroom and put a tissue between her legs, then
another, then another. Hank came an unbelievable amount of semen.
She had a sudden desire to see what her ass looked like. She grabbed a
hand mirror and placed it on the floor, stepping, then squatting over
it. Her anus now appeared to be a big white circle the size of a
quarter. The circle grew bigger and bigger until a huge wad a sperm
splattered on the mirror. After that, there was a steady trickle. Debbie
spent the next half hour sitting on the toilet waiting to make sure, it
had all poured out.


"I feel like crap. What time did you come to bed?"

"Right after you, honey." Debbie picked up her husband's breakfast
plate. Emma and Billy were still playing with their eggs.

"No offense, honey, but you look like crap too."

"Just tired."

"Off to work," said Jim. "Where's Hank? I thought military men were
supposed to be up at dawn."

"Hank probably sat up drinking, smoking, and cursing till dawn."

"Yep, that's Hank," laughed Jim. "I know you don't care for him, but he
is Emma's godfather." Emma stopped eating and nodded as if Hank being
her godfather was important to her. Jim patted his daughter on the head.
"I hope he can stay a few more days. See ya tonight."

"Bye bye, dada," said Emma.

"Later gator."

"Bye da," said Billy.

Debbie tidied up while the kids watched a video. Thoughts of Hank kept
coming to mind or more specifically that thing between his legs
and what it had done to her. He had forced himself on her, but her body
had loved what he did to her. It was the best sex of her life. Debbie
looked at her kids torn between love of family, but wondering if she
could give up Hank's big cock. She shivered thinking about it. How would
she react when he finally pulled himself out of bed.

Debbie put the kids in bed for their nap around noon and went to take
her shower. She turned the water on before going to tuck the kids in.
She entered the bathroom and let her robe fall down leaping to grab it
when she noticed Hank sitting on the toilet. She failed to catch her
robe and stood nude in the room.

"Fuck, I still can't get over what a hot bod you got. You should be
making pornos or stripping with those tits."

"What are you doing in here? Use the other bathroom." Debbie's eyes were
drawn down to Hank's crotch,  noticing the lid was down and he was just
sitting nude on the hopper, not using it. Hank looked tired and
hung-over. He was unshaven. His balls were splayed out on the seat and
his cock snaked forward to hang over the edge.

"I need something to get me moving and thought a blowjob might do."

"I don't do that."

"Damn, JJ's a wus. What kind of man doesn't make his woman suck his dick
once in awhile? On your knees."

"I want you out of my house."

"That's no way for my fuck slut to talk. I need to get going, but not
until I get my morning blowjob. Now get over here and suck on my big

"You'll leave if I do?" Debbie watched Hank nod. He raised his hands and
pointed both index fingers at his cock. It had snaked forwards an inch
in anticipation.

Debbie knew she should have refused, but her instincts told her to obey
Hank. She kneeled on the bathroom floor and took his cock in her hand.
She shook it, feeling her fingers spread apart as it grew. Here in the
well lit room, it looked even more impressive then it had last night.
She wondered how she had ever taken the whole thing in her pussy last
night, let alone her ass.

Debbie leaned forward and kissed the head just like she had last night.
It was now fully grown and she swirled her tongue around the head. She
licked the shaft, his balls, and the head again. Debbie took him in her
mouth, gagging as the head hit her throat. She relaxed her jaw and
concentrated as she pushed him into her throat. It was difficult and she
felt like she was choking, but she proceeded to suck on more then half
Hank's cock.

Despite the fact she was kneeling on her bathroom floor, performing oral
sex on a man she really did not like, Debbie enjoyed sucking on Hank's
dick. She loved the cock not the man. The cock was not to be refused. It
did not take no for an answer. The cock fucked her harder, deeper, and
faster then any other penis could. The cock took whatever orifice it
wanted. She was a whore for the cock. She should do something special
for the cock. She loved the cock.

Debbie swallowed as much of Hank's shaft as she could, slobbering over
it. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth using both
hands to stroke his wet rod. The head hardened, swelling even bigger.
She looked up and met Hank's eyes just as his first load of hot seed
filled her mouth. She gulped showing her submission to the cock by
swallowing it's seed. Hank sneered at her as he came in her mouth and
something passed between them through their eyes. Cock and man were one
and the same. She would never deny Hank her body. She swallowed his next wad and the next.

Fifteen minutes later Debbie was thankful Jim had put in such a large
water heater. She was standing in the tub bent over at the waist while
Hank fucked her from behind. She came again and again until he filled
her pussy with a fresh load of spunk.

Hank left a short time later. Debbie was still in her robe as she walked
him to the door. The big man pulled her robe open and kissed both her
nipples. "I'll be back in eight weeks."

"I'll be waiting."

To be continued… someday… hopefully…

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