Hung Coon

Hung Coon
A Shame The Gunslinger Story
Copyright 2004 by Stormbringer

Note: This story was originally released in three parts.

Part 1: Inez Martinez

The wind whistled through the canyon walls as the clopping of the
horse's hooves echoed off into the distance. Shame led the horse up out
of the canyon and looked down upon the small town of San Mandingo. It
looked the same as it had the first time he gazed down upon it six
months ago when he had rode into town as their new lawman. He still
remembered the first words he had heard.

"The sheriff is a nig(bong)!" The tolling of the church bell blocked out
the word.

"A what?"

"A nig(bong)!"

"Howdy, ma'am," said Shame, tipping his weather worn hat to the old woman as she stared up at him dumbfounded.

San Mandingo had been under the control of a ruthless outlaw named Jesse
Adams at the time. Shame quickly confronted the outlaw and arrested him,
but only after putting a slug through the outlaw's brother. Adams was
now safely up at El Paso. San Mandingo was prospering and the streets
were safe. Shame was done here and would be leaving later that day. A
new Sheriff was due into town the following day. Shame had just returned
from Eastwood City buying supplies for the new sheriff.  

Shame galloped into town, riding proudly down the street even though few
citizens would talk to him. "Sheriff Shame, Sheriff Shame," yelled a man
running towards him. It was Tex, the telegraph operator. "Sheriff, I
gots an urgent 'gram for ya." Tex waved a piece of paper up at the large
black man.

"What's it say, Tex?" Shame reined his horse in and leaned down to look
at Tex.

Tex sneered then quickly lost the expression. He didn't like the black
man lording over him. "It says here, the Judge at El Paso done freed
Jesse Adams. Several of ole Jesse's boys done met him when he got out
and they is all on the noon train."

"How many?"

"Half dozen it says. Whatcha gonna do, Sheriff?" Tex spit out Shame's
title with a little contempt.

Shame shook his head. Six months of peace and prosperity and they still
couldn't accept a black man as their Sheriff. "Well, I reckon I'll just
hafta deputize me some of the townsfolk and meet Adams up at the train
station. "Can I count on you, Tex?"

Tex went white as a ghost. "Me? Well... I... Fuck, what are we paying
you for?"

"You ain’t paying me anymore, remember? Today is my last day."

"Well if I was you, Sher.. boy, I'd just be getting out of town a little
early. Sheeit, things weren't all that bad with Jesse running things."

Shame clicked his tongue and Masai, his black stallion broke into a
gallop. Tex quickly got out of the way.

Shame left Masai at the stable and walked down the dusty rode to the
Sheriff's office. Everywhere he looked townspeople were talking or
pointing at him. Word sure spread fast in Mandingo.

In the Sheriff's office, Shame took some tin deputy stars out of his
desk and shoved them into one pocket. He glanced over at the wall clock.
He had three hours until noon.


Inez Martinez lifted a shot of whiskey with one shaking hand and quickly
downed it. She was in her room at the San Mandingo Hotel. On her bed was
an open suitcase with some wrinkled skirts hastily shoved in it.

Inez had been a poor Mexican girl of fifteen just five years ago when
she met Jorge Martinez, an older gold prospector. Jorge paid Inez's
father for the right to marry her and called in a priest just two days
after seeing her for the first time.

Inez was an incredible beauty. A full large bosom strained at her
peasant blouse. Her face was dominated by large dark eyes and full red
lips. Long kinky dark hair fell halfway down her back. Her copper
colored skin was smooth and unblemished. Once Jorge had her cleaned up
and in a proper dress, she may have been the most beautiful woman in

Sadly, Jorge wasn't much to look at. Nor was the act of lovemaking what
she had expected it to be. Jorge was a good husband and a good provider.
They left Mexico three years ago and settled in San Mandingo. Jorge
bought the town Saloon and began expanding into a building next door
which would become San Mandingo's hotel. Things were well and they
prospered for several years until Jorge ended up dead.

Jorge Martinez had a fondness for drink and one night he didn't return
home from the saloon. He was found dead in the alley between the
buildings the next day. The cause of death was unknown. It was Jesse
Adams that had told her she was a widow.

Jesse had moved in on the grieving woman and soon he was staying over at
the hotel. Jesse Adams was a monster! For over half a year she had been
forced to couple with the brute. He used her business profits to drink
every night. He beat her. One night after she had threatened to leave
him, he had stormed out only to return with a branding iron. He heated
the brand up in the fireplace, ripped her clothes from her body, and
pressed his brand up against her right ass cheek. "You're mine, you
Mexican bitch and don't you ever forget that," he hissed at her as her
flesh burned. Her ass was still aching when he forced her to give his
brother a blow job to prove she was his property. A week later the
brother was dead and Adams was on his way to jail in El Paso. All thanks
to Sheriff Shame. She'd never thanked him. She even went out of her way
to avoid the black man.

Inez turned her back to the mirror and gathered up her skirts. She
pulled her underwear aside and could just make out the black "A" burned
into her ass cheek. She jumped when there was a knock on her door.
"Come," she called, releasing her skirts.

Shame took off his hat as he entered the room. He glanced over at the
suitcase on the bed. "I see you've heard the news, Mrs. Martinez."

"I can't let that animal near me again, Sheriff." Inez looked at the
black man. They were the only minorities in town yet she couldn't bring
herself to consider Shame as an equal. Was skin color all that
important? He was handsome, big and strong, and extremely capable with a
weapon. Yet he was still black.

"I'll protect you, Mrs. Martinez."

"What can you do against half a dozen men?"

"I'm deputizing the townsfolk. We'll meet Adams at the train station and
he'll wish he'd never left his jail cell. He'll never harm you again,
Mrs. Martinez. Not as long as I'm Sheriff."

"But you won't be Sheriff after today." Not that it mattered, the
confrontation was less then three hours away. "Why do you wish to help

"It's my duty, Ma'am. It's the right thing to do."

"I haven't exactly been kind to you, Sheriff." Inez had denied Shame the
use of her saloon. Not that she really cared, but some of the patrons
didn't want a black man drinking with them. Shame had entered the bar
anyway and decked the first man who gave him trouble. Now Shame could
drink there, but he always sat at a table alone. "Is there anything I
can do for you?"

"Well... as a matter of fact there is."

"Name it, sir."

"I just rode in from Eastwood and I sure could use a bath."

"Of course," cried Inez, her cheeks flushing with shame. She'd always
refused Shame the use of her baths at the motel. "How rude of me. I'll
have one... no I'll heat the water and fill the tub myself, sir."

"Excellent. Let me run down to the saloon and see who I can recruit.
I'll return shortly." Shame walked down the stairs and hooked his thumbs
into his belt as he walked next door. Shame pushed the swinging doors in
and strolled into the saloon. The saloon was noisy and the patrons were
animated. They shut up when everyone realized who was standing in the
doorway. "Alright, listen up. You all know why I'm here," shouted Shame.
"Jesse Adams is fixing to come back to town and he's bringing some of
his boys with him. I aims to meet him at the train station. Now I'm
gonna need some deputies. Who is with me?"  

Most of the cowboys turned around and went back to their drinks. Shame's
eyes roamed around to those still looking at him and one by one they
cast their eyes down and away from the black man. "I'm with ya,
Sheriff," declared one standing up. He was a wizened old man, a drunk,
and his hands shook.

"Thanks Kane. Anyone else?"

Someone called out, "If I were you Sheriff, I'd get out of town."

Kane staggered over to the black man. He looked around a the crowd.
"Y'all remember what Adams did to my granddaughter. Man's an animal. A
monster. The Sheriff here saved us from that monster and if you don't
respects him for that well..." Kane looked around the room and spit a
wad of tobacco on the floor.

"Here," said Shame, tossing Kane a deputy badge. "Go wait for me at the
Sheriff's office. Ill return shortly."

As the two headed for the door a cowboy sitting at the table nearest the
door stood up. "Things under Adams weren't that bad for some of us,
Sheriff. I hope you get yours, you uppity nig..." Shame's fist connected
with his jaw and the man fell onto the table collapsing it beneath his
weight. His companions all jumped to their feet, but sat back down when
Shame rested his hands upon his pistols. Everyone in town knew how fast
he was with a gun.

"Heh heh, I done think you knocked him out for a week," laughed Kane
once they were outside. "Damn fool's gonna miss the gunfight. How many
others ya got, Sheriff?"

"So far just us."

Kane stopped dead in his tracks. "Just us?"

"Don't worry old timer. I'll get some others. Meet me at the office in a
little while. I got some business to take care of." Shame spun on his
heels and headed back to the hotel.

Shame caught a glimpse of Inez heating water by the fire. Just glancing
at the beautiful Mexican woman made his loins swell with desire. Shame
walked up the steps and into the bathing room. The cast iron tub was
already partially filled with water.


"I'll get that Mrs. Martinez," yelled the hotel manager seeing his boss
struggling up the steps with pails of water.

"Gracias, but no, Henry. This is something I must do myself." Inez
considered this a penance for how she had treated the black man. A man
who had saved her from an abusive monster.

Inez managed to get the two pails to the bathroom and found herself
proud there was still some of the peasant girl left in her. She hadn't
gotten completely soft. Proud as she was at getting the heavy pails full
of hot water to the second floor, Inez almost dropped them when she
opened the door. "El Diablo," she blurted out.

Shame stood before her, naked except for his cowboy hat. Her eyes hadn't
taken in his hugely framed muscular physique. They had immediately
focused on the devil swinging between his legs. The black man's fat cock
put poor old Jorge's to shame. It was plump and partially erect, still
pointing down, but already it was twice as long as Jorge's and many
inches bigger then Adam's. "Oh, sorry ma'am." Shame turned around.

"No Sheriff, I am sorry," replied Inez. "Now her eyes bore in on the
scars crisscrossing his back. Scars made by a slave master's whip. It
made her think of the scarlet A branded on her ass. "Get in. We are all
adults here." Inez emptied one of the pails into the tub.

Shame turned around, hiding nothing. Inez finally took in his muscular
physique, but her eyes kept going towards the big cock swinging between
his legs. It was so big and powerful looking. "It's hot," said Shame.
"It feels real good once inside." He had climbed into the tub and
lowered himself into the water.

"I imagine that's so." Inez emptied the next pail into the tub. "Looks
like two more will do it, Mr. Shame. She left, carrying the empty pails
down the stairs. Two others were already heating over the fire. She took
them both with a carrying stick and struggled back up the stairs.

Inez entered the room and emptied another pail into the tub. She reached
over and removed Shame's hat from his head. He closed his eyes as she
dumped the bucket over his dirt covered sweaty face. "Could you scrub my
back?" he asked, leaning forwards.

"Of course." Inez grabbed a nearby wad of soap and the scrubbing sponge.
She lathered his back up with soap and ran the sponge across it. She
stared at his scars as she washed them. Some were deep. Others had faded
into his muscles. He leaned back and her hand moved over his shoulder to
his chest. She grabbed the soap with her other hand and lathered up his
chest. His muscles were well defined. His chest was as hard as a brick
wall, but smooth between the muscles. Her hand had moved lower going
over six hard ridges above his navel. His cock head suddenly broke clear
of the water and rose up. "Any luck getting help?" she asked, trying to take her mind off the long black snake rising between his legs.

"One brave man amongst the bunch. Most think I should leave town. I
think I just might. What do you think?"

"No!" Inez was horrified and dropped the soap. It slid down between his
legs. "You can't leave. You promised to protect me." Inez was horrified
at the thought. As she was speaking, she was also reaching down to feel
for the soap. Instead, her small tanned hand closed around his hard
shaft. Inez gasped when she realized what she had done, but she didn't
let go.

"It looks like you want me to stay."

"I want you to stay." Inez let her hand slide down underwater to his
pubic hair, then back up to his bulbous cock head. His penis was
completely hard now. "Cock el grande. I've never seen one this big." She
let her hand jerk the huge shaft a few times.

"Why don't you join me in the tub?"

"And you'll stay and protect me?"

"Maybe. Depends on you I reckon."

Inez released the fat cock in her hand. She stood up straight and
stepped back. The widow stooped and turned her back to Shame lifting her
long raven black tresses from off her back. "Unlace me, please."

Shame reached for the laces on her gown and untied them. He parted the
fabric and her lovely back appeared down to her undergarment. Inez stood
and moved away from him. She turned to face the black man in the tub as
she pulled her dress down over her shoulders. She wiggled her hips until
the skirt fell down her legs. Inez stood before him clad in only her
undergarment. The lacy material covered her breasts to her thighs. A
corset showed off her magnificent figure.

There were only two women in town who rivaled Inez in both beauty and
figure. One was Kelly Grace, the school teacher, who hid her body
beneath bulky skirts. The other was the fiery Becca Adams, sister of
Jesse. She could out shoot, out ride, and out drink practically all the
men in town. She dressed like a man, but the tight pants and shirts
proved that she was all woman. It was a matter of taste, but many found
Inez Martinez to be the most beautiful woman in town and maybe the
county. And only two men had seen her like Shame was seeing her now. One
of them was dead, the other was arriving on the noon train.

Inez unlaced her corset and shimmied out of the underwear. Large, full
breasts sprang free, capped by small, pointy, rust colored nipples. Her
waist was thin, proving that the corset had done nothing to hide her
true figure. Her belly was flat. As the underwear slid over her hips and
down her legs, Shame saw that she was the most hairy woman he'd ever
seen. Her bush was full and coarse. It entirely covered her crotch and
traveled high on her abdomen. She was gorgeous.

Inez stepped into the tub. She slid down, lowering her crotch over
Shame's shaft. She lowered herself into his arms, but he stopped her and
licked at her dangling, ponderous breasts. Inez moaned as he took one of
her nipples between his lips. It had been a long time for her and the
hot wetness growing between her legs wasn't just water from the tub. The
shaft she rested on was hot and throbbing against her labia. Inez found
herself sliding her pussy along the shaft, whimpering with pleasure as
Shame switched to her other nipple. Inez slid higher and higher until
her breasts were pressing against Shame's face. Abruptly, the shaft
ended and her pussy lips opened against his huge cock head. She pushed
down hard and the head was in her.

Inez paused for a moment. Definitely a lot bigger then Jorge, she
thought. Just the head was stretching her wide. Inez pushed back so that
more of the thick cock could slide inside her. Shame was squeezing her
breasts and holding both nipples near each other so that he could
quickly move his lips between them. He suddenly released her breasts and
brought his big hands around to her ass cheeks. Shame grabbed big
handfuls of her butt flesh, raising and lowering her on his shaft. Much
to her surprise, Inez had a quick orgasm.

Jorge had never given his wife an orgasm during their marriage. In fact,
Inez had only cum once before and much to her shame, it was when Jesse
Adams had been roughly taking her. He was drunk and calling her
degrading names, fucking her from behind while drinking tequila straight
from the bottle. Inez had tried to fight the feelings, but she'd lost
control and cried out as she came. She'd never orgasmed again with the

Cumming again felt terrific and Inez wished she had overcome her bigotry
sooner. She could have been fucking Shame months ago. She was loving
every inch of his thick black shaft and whenever she thought there
couldn't be any more, she found herself sliding down another inch.
"Hey-suess Senior Shame, I love your big cock."

"Well my little Mexican slut, this big black cock is all yours." Shame
released her cheeks and Inez impaled herself on the remaining five
inches of his shaft, splashing water out of the tub.

Inez's loud scream was a mixture of pain and pleasure. The scream at
first was a high pitched wail that turned into a long moan as a big
orgasm violently tore through her loins. Inez was half aware of voices
outside their door. The man's voice was the hotel manager and she could
hear one of the serving girls. They had heard her scream and come to
make sure she was alright. The voices went away as there was no hiding
the noises of fornication coming from the room. Soon everyone in town
would know she had fucked the black sheriff. And that was fine with her
as she hoped to fuck him a lot more from now on.

Inez managed to brace her feet on either side of the tub and she rode
the big black shaft as hard as a cowboy on a bucking bronco. She had
multiple orgasms, quickly losing count of how many. The water in the tub
was not only cold, but soaking the floor from their violent fucking by
the time Shame's shaft exploded. It felt like she was sitting of a
geyser, so much sperm sprayed her womb. Inez was suddenly concerned, she
was right between her cycles and might get pregnant, but the thought
fled her mind just as another strong orgasm overwhelmed her.

Shame helped the weakened Inez Martinez out of the tub. "Lets move to
your room," said Shame.

Inez nodded. She grabbed her clothes and held them over her body as she
peeked out the door. Seeing the hallway was vacant, she swiftly ran to
her room. Shame followed carrying his clothes. Both lovers were still
wet as Inez sat on her bed. Shame dropped his dusty clothes and walked
over to where Inez was sitting. "You ever suck cock?"

For a moment, Inez considered lying. "Yes," she replied, telling the
truth. Jesse Adams had made her suck his cock many times, nearly daily.
She'd almost welcomed it as it kept him out of her pussy. Shame didn't
have to tell her what to do. His still plump shaft stuck out towards her
mouth. She grabbed the base and squeezed as her tongue licked over his
pee slit. It quickly returned to full erection.

Suffice it to say, that with all that practice, Inez was an accomplished
cock sucker. She could have put whores to shame. The black man's length
and girth presented a new challenge, but she attacked that challenge
with gusto. "Suck that black cock, slut," he'd growl, or "suck my balls,
you Mexican whore." His words only excited Inez more. She began to feel
as though she'd missed her true calling as a real whore.

"Enough," he cried, just as Inez had managed nearly ten inches of cock
down her throat.

"But I don't want to stop, Senior," she complained, as Shame pulled his
cock out of reach of her mouth.

"I'd spend all day doing this, Mrs. Martinez, but I don't have the
fucking time. I wanna fuck that sweet pussy again. Turn around and get
on all fours."

Inez did as she was told. "Please take it easy back there, Sheriff. I'm
still sore from what your monster did to me earlier."

Honestly, at the moment, her pussy did look somewhat unappealing. Her
lips and thighs were red and covered in stringy gobs of semen or flakes
of drying sperm. Shame was satisfied his boys had done their job the
first time they flooded her womb. There was a pretty little tight hole
looking up at him with it's crinkly brown eye. That was the hole he
aimed the tip of his dick towards.

"What are you doing, Senior Shame?" asked Inez, suddenly quite nervous.

"Going easy on your pussy, Mrs. Martinez."

"Well go.. oh!"- her asshole was starting to push inwards- "easy on that
too. T'aint natural. Aaah!" Her rosebud suddenly gave in to the pressure, parting for the thick cock head and it hurt like hell. Luckily, her mouth had done a good job lubricating the shaft so there wasn't much friction. The pain faded to a dull ache faster then Inez would have thought.

"Only a real whore would let a man put his cock in her ass," announced
Shame, pushing his prick in deeper until nearly half was down her poop
shoot. "Are you a real whore, Mrs. Martinez?"

Inez almost didn't answer him. Her womb felt warm though her pussy was
empty. The thick shaft slowly sliding in and out of her ass began to
produce results. "I'm your whore, Mr. Shame," she said with conviction.
The warmth in her womb exploded outwards as Inez had a large orgasm. She
had never been happier.

"You got a tight ass, whore." Shame reveled in the haughty Mexican
woman's submission to his black cock.

"Oh the shame! Shame," she moaned as the black man slowly fucked her
ass. "Shame." Inez pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts. "Oh Shame!"
she cried as his cock suddenly jerked and her ass felt warm and wet.
Then her ass was empty as he quickly pulled out. More hot sperm
splattered on her ass cheeks and lower back. Inez's cheek was resting on
her crossed arms. She looked up as Shame quickly moved around her side.
His cock was big and angry looking as it launched two more strands of
thick cum at her face. She could taste him on her cum coated lips. Inez
closed her eyes and licked some more off her mouth.

When Inez opened her eyes again, the black man was buttoning his shirt
back on. His magnificent cock was a hidden bulge beneath his trousers.
She remained kneeling on the bed with her ass thrust up as he belted his
revolvers around his hips. "Shame, promise me you'll kill that bastard
and come back to me."

"I promise." Shame left the room and walked down the stairs. A
grandfather clock dominated the hotel foyer. It pendulums swung
ominously ticking off the hours until noon. BONG the clock suddenly
rang. The noise went off nine more times as Shame left the hotel.

He only had two more hours until noon.

Part 2: Kelly Grace

There were only two hours until the noon train arrived. Shame strolled
down the dusty streets of San Mandingo with a purpose. Townsmen and
cowboys watched him walk apparently without fear for on the noon train
Jesse Adams and half a dozen gunmen were coming to kill the black man.
Shame's eyes met the gazes of the townspeople looking for men who would
fight beside him. They all quickly looked away.

Shame had a few friends in town. Well, friend wasn't exactly the right
word. A few people didn't treat him with complete contempt or look at
him like he was subhuman. One of those was Judge Grace.

Grace acted as San Mandingo's mayor, lawyer, and judge. He had been cowed by Jesse Adams, but as soon as Shame had the outlaw behind bars, Judge Grace came forth to sentence the man. He stood beside Shame as the
marshals came to take Adams away. Since then, the judge had tried and
convicted other men Shame had locked up. An acquaintance of Judge Grace
had recently sent him a wife.

Kelly Grace was one of the most beautiful women in the county and nearly
thirty years her husband's junior. She had long blonde hair usually done
up in a bun on her head. She wore bulky, shapeless dresses to hide a
buxom, trim figure. She was a pacifist and a Mormon. Kelly Grace served
San Mandingo as a school teacher for the growing population of children.
Except the few black or Mexican children in town whom she refused in her

Shame was thinking of the beautiful young wife as a bullet quickly
scraped a red scar across Shame's left thigh. Shame jumped and looked up
seeing a wild eyed woman on horseback racing towards him. The woman
fired again, missing the black man by inches. Shame knew the woman and
was thankful she'd opted to fire from unstable horseback. Becca Adams
was an excellent shot.

Shame knew a trick or two. His right hand was pulling his revolver out
and firing before he even had the gun up. The bullet sprayed up dust
right at the charging horse's feet. The horse reared up just as Shame
ran under it's hooves. He grabbed one of Becca's stirruped boots and pushed.

Becca Adams hit the ground with a surprised look on her face and the
wind knocked out of her lungs. Her sidearm was kicked out of her reach
by the large black man looming over her. The fiery sister of Jesse Adams looked stunned. She dressed like a cowboy, but it was no boy under her clothes. Large breasts strained at a shirt unbuttoned daringly low. Two buttons were missing lower on her shirt revealing her bellybutton centered on a tanned stomach. Her trousers tightly hugged the swell of her hips. Long reddish blonde hair spilled out from under her hat.

Shame reached down for the stunned woman. Becca suddenly kicked out with
one foot, her boot catching Shame in the knee. "Bitch!" growled Shame.

Becca backed up, climbing to her feet. "Damn coon, you ain't gonna
murder another one of my brothers." She turned racing for her gun.

Shame fell forwards and grabbed her leg, dropping Becca into the dust.
"Damn fool brother of yours drew first, bitch. I shot him fair and
square." Holding Becca was like holding a rabid wolverine. Shame had no
choice but to punch the woman in the jaw. He held back the full force of
his strength, the blow just stunning the woman.

Shame heard booing and looked around noticing a small crowd had watched
the fight. The strong black man ignored the townspeople, easily lifting
the stunned woman and throwing her over his shoulder. He turned and
headed back towards the jail.

"Hot damn! Is that the Adams' bitch herself?" asked Kane, rising to his

Shame didn't answer the old man. He just opened the jail cell and dumped
Becca in a heap on the floor. "Keep an eye on her," he told his deputy.

"Sho will, Sheriff. He He. How many more men ya got?"

"Just you and me so far, old timer. I'll be back with more soon."

This time the short walk to Judge Grace's was uneventful. Shame knocked
on the door. "Hello Henry," said Shame. Judge Grace's face looked pale
and ashen. He also seemed nervous.

"Sheriff," replied the judge, nodding.

"Can I come in?" Shame entered the home as Grace stepped aside. "I take
it you've heard the news, Judge?"

"I have indeed, Sheriff."

"I'm deputizing men. Can I count on you?"

Judge Grace perked up. "Deputizing men. How many ya got?"

"Well... I appear to be having a little trouble finding help. So far
it's just me and old Kane and you of course."

Judge Grace stumbled backwards and sat heavily on his couch. He reached
into his vest and pulled out a handkerchief, using it to wipe his sweaty
brow. "I haven't lifted a gun in years, Sheriff. I'm... I'm not as
strong as I once was."

Shame snorted. He would never have called the judge strong, even if he
were twenty years younger. "You won't help me?"

The front door burst open with a loud bang. Shame had fallen into a
crouch as he spun around. His gun was on the way up when he saw it was
just Grace's wife.

"Is... is... it true," gasped Kelly. She had sent the children home from
school and raced back to her home when she heard the news. "Is Adams on
the noon train?"

"I'm afraid so, ma'am," said Shame, taking off his hat in the presence of a lady. "I'm here asking for your husband's help stopping Adam's."

"And I was just telling Shame, that I'm too old for gun fighting."

"Henry, you must help the sheriff. For the children. For our child."

Judge Grace sat up, watching his young wife
place her hand over her flat stomach. "Child?"

"I believe I'm pregnant, my darling." Kelly had regurgitated this
Both morning and last.

"My god! I'm gonna be a father." Henry Grace was shocked. He and his
wife rarely had intercourse. He couldn't even remember when the last
time they had sex was. Erections were rare for him. His last had been
some ten days ago which unfortunately corresponded with his wife's
bleeding cycle. In fact, he couldn't quite remember having intercourse
with his wife during the last three months.

Kelly was just as naive. Her mother had given her some instruction on
the evils of fornication. "Just lie still and let the man do his
business. It doesn't last long and you'll take no pleasure in it. It's a
necessary evil for procreation." Those three sentences were Kelly's
entire instructions on marital relations. And so far, they were dead on
correct. A minor stomach bug had upset her stomach recently. In reality,
the pretty young school teacher were at her most fertile time of the

"Without aid, I reckon I might just have to saddle up and leave town. I
suggest you do the same, Grace."

"Gawd Damn it, Sheriff, you know I sold my horse. That damn noon train's
my only way out of town."

"Henry! Please watch your language," pleaded Kelly. "What do you mean
your only way out of town?"

"I'm sorry, dear. I, of course, meant our only way out of town."

"That being said, Sheriff," continued Kelly. "You're duty bound to
protect us."

"And you're forgetting Mrs. Grace, that I'm not the sheriff any more.
You'll both just have to take your chances with Jesse Adams. Good day."

Shame turned and left the house. He waited on the porch a few minutes
listening to the Graces arguing inside. Kelly had preached against the
evils of violence since she'd come to town. Now she was calling her
husband a coward for not helping Shame. It's amazing how much being with
child could change one's perspective. The judge suddenly spoke up
loudly, "There's only one gawd damn thing a black coon like Shame would
want from us."

"Then he'll get it." Kelly opened the door and seemed startled to see
the black man still standing there. "Did you hear all that, Mr. Shame?"

"I did, Mrs. Grace."

"My apologies for myself and my husband. I've never seen him this
rattled before."

"Jesse Adams was a monster, ma'am." Shame could see the judge listening
through the window.

"My husband said there was one thing you'd accept to help us, Shame?"

"He assumes all black men would do anything for a white woman. He meant
you, Mrs. Grace."

"Is he right?" Kelly was startled to hear that.

"In my case, yes."

"But adultery is a sin, as is miscegenation."

"The bible says nothing about miscegenation. Adultery is a sin. So I'll
accept a blow job as payment."

"I'm afraid I don't understand, sir?"

"You wrap your lips around my cock and suck it till I cum."

"Your cock?"

"My penis."

"Oh... OH! That's disgusting. Isn't that sodomy?"

"It is, but a lesser sin. It's a bigger sin not to do whatever it takes
to protect your child. If you do this, I will stay and fight Adams, even
if I have to do it alone."

"Then I really don't have much of a choice. Though it pains me to do
this with a..."

"Black man?"

"A gun for hire, a killer. The world would be a better place without men
like you, Shame."

"You might be right, ma'am. Now let's go inside and get this over with.
I'm a bit short on time, you know."

"Come then." Kelly turned and entered her house. There was no sign of
her husband. "Henry," she called. There was no answer. "He must have left out the side door. Is here fine for our sinning?"

"No. Upstairs. In your marital bed. Lead the way." Shame followed Kelly
up the steps to the home's second floor. The Grace's bedroom was well
furnished with a large luxurious bed. Sunlight streamed through a tree's
branches illuminating the room. A large wooden closet covered the one
wall without a window. "Nice. I'll need you to strip nekkid."

"You mean you want me to remove my clothes?"

"Of course."

"But it's daylight? Let me get my nightshirt."

"No. Strip nekkid now or I'm leaving this town and Henry can protect you
and the baby." Shame watched Grace raise a trembling hand to her collar and she began to undo the buttons. "Don't tell me you don't let anyone see you nekkid?"

"Of course I don't. We always have the lights out and wear our night
clothes. Nudity shamed Adam and Eve. It's unnatural."

"Then how come we are born that way, ma'am?" Shame started undressing.
His hands came up to his own shirt. His cock was stirring as Grace was
pushing her skirt down over her hips. Her undergarments were plain and
unassuming, an outfit in their own right.

"We are born nude because children are born innocent." Grace paused to
admire the hardness of Shame's chest. His arms and torso were massive
and as hard as bricks. So different from the soft flabbiness of her own
husband. Kelly turned away from the black man as she removed her

Shame's hand immediately headed for his gun as his keen ears picked up a
noise from the closet. He relaxed when he realized what it was. "Today's
your lucky day, Mrs. Kelly. I just had me my first bath in months just an hour ago." Shame pulled his trousers down, his cock sprang up. "Turn

Kelly was quivering with shame at her nudity. Her arms were crossed tightly across her breasts. She was bending forward in an attempt to hide her womanhood between her thighs. Unfortunately, this thrust her rear end out towards the black man. No doubt he was staring intently at it.

Shame was staring intently at her ass when she turned around. "Well,
well, Mrs. Grace. I see you've been hiding a very sinful body under all
those baggy dresses. Arms down. Stand up straight."

Kelly forced herself to stand up straight, but she wasn't about to
uncover her breasts. As she stood, she looked up and saw the thing
between the black man's legs. Her hands flew to her mouth inadvertently
uncovering herself as she gasped in shock. Seeing her nude even seemed
to make his huge penis grow bigger and harder. The sight of her breasts
made the monster extend even farther out and start to rise until it
angled upwards. "You expect me to suck on that?"

"I do."

"It's too big." The monster was the size of one of her foot long rulers
in her classroom. Though she had never seen it, Henry's penis couldn't
have been a third as large as the black man both in length and
thickness. Henry's had never seemed all that hard to her either. The
black man's- what had he called it?- cock, yes the black man's cock was
simply massive.

"Do your best. I'll help you. I haven't met a woman who couldn't suck on
at least half of it."

"You mean other women have done this to you before?"

"Many. They all liked doing it too. But then they was mostly all whores.
Not a classy wife like you, Mrs. Kelly."

Grace didn't feel all that classy at the moment. Both her nipples had
swollen to the point they ached. Though the room wasn't too hot, she was
also perspiring heavily between her legs. The moisture was so bad, she
feared it might run down her thighs at any moment. "How do I do this?"

"Well you can start by touching it. You act like you ain’t never seen a
man's penis before."

"I haven't really. Not like this and in a lit room." Kelly held out her
hand and tentatively touched the large black cock. Kelly wrapped her
hand around the head and squeezed. It was like shaking the hand of a
small child. "It's so hard!" Most of the time, sex with her husband
consisted of her reaching down to help guide him inside her. Often,
Kelly needed to squeeze his shaft to make it hard enough to enter her.
Shame didn't have that problem.

The black sheriff, glanced at a clock on the nightstand. Being pressed
for time, he grabbed the base of his cock and guided the tip towards
Kelly's mouth. Kelly didn't back away from the inevitable. She didn't
open her mouth until the third time he pushed it against her lips. Then
Shame fed the huge round head into her mouth. "Hurry up and start
sucking." Shame rested one huge hand upon her blonde head and made
bobbing motions with his hand.

Instinct took over and Kelly relaxed her jaw as the thick shaft slid
deeper between her lips.
Shame was forceful, but he was gentle. When she started to gag, her
released his grip on her head until she recovered. Kelly grew used to
the sausage-thick shaft sliding between her lips, the head plowing deep
into her throat. She gagged less and less. Shame released the base of
his shaft and Kelly's fist replaced his hand. She jerked her hand
rapidly as she sucked on his black cock. She almost gagged again as the
shaft swelled up.

"That's it whore. Suck that black cock. Here it comes."

Kelly looked up at the black man. Half his cock was buried in her mouth.
She looked up his hard, flat stomach and chest bulging with muscles. He
was sneering down at her, sweat glistening on his brow. She shuddered
with forbidden lust. Kelly objected to being called a whore, but at that
moment she sure felt like one and though her mind rebelled at the
thought, her body trembled.

The first blow of sperm shot down her throat and filled her mouth. Kelly
tried to back off his shaft, but Shame's hand had slid down her head and
was holding her in place. Kelly was forced to swallow. The hotness of
his seed surprised her as continuous spurts filled her mouth with more.
Then it quit shooting, though the shaft still jerked every second or so.
Shame reached down and squeezed forwards up his shaft, until another
small shot of seed splattered on her tongue.

It hadn't been nearly as bad as Kelly thought it would be. A part of her
had even enjoyed the challenge and a part had enjoyed feeling like a
whore. "Are we done?" she asked.

Shame glanced at the clock. "I got some time and I want to suck on them
tittys a bit. Get up on the bed."

Shame lifted Kelly up off the floor. Massive black hands gripped her
thin waist. Their touch made her shiver and she felt powerless in his
grip. He steered her towards the bed and forced her to sit down on the
edge. She scooted back a bit as the black man held her legs open. He
looked down between her legs getting a better view of her then anyone had ever seen. Kelly felt as if she were on display like a prize cow at a farmer's market. Once again her mind was sickened, but her instincts
made her part her legs even wider. Shame seemed to approve for his still
swollen cock stiffened again.

Shame hunched over Kelly as she laid back. He rested on one elbow, his
right hand grabbing and squeezing her right breast. She felt his breath
on her left breast. It heated her nipple. Her nipple was already erect,
but it swelled up even more, inching it's way toward Shame's mouth. His
lips clamped down over her entire areola and he sucked the nipple
inward. Kelly gasped with a surge of pleasure. His tongue flickered back and forth over her left nipple while he twirled the right one between his thumb and finger. Shame then switched nipples.

Kelly Grace's body began writhing on the bed. Her nipples had always
been sensitive and she'd even allowed her husband to play with them. The
judge was fascinated with her big bosom, but his attention had never
elicited the response her body was giving the black man.

Kelly couldn't help arching her back and moaning. She raised her hips
and something hard pressed against her womanhood. It ran down her labia,
pushing into the hot wetness. Her body felt a powerful shock of pleasure at it's touch. She liked the feel of it and raised her hips even more until the fat head of his shaft pushed inside her. "Jesus, no," she moaned grinding her hips around the head. "I can't commit adultery."

Shame pressed down forcing several inches of thick black cock into her
needy pussy. "It's only adultery if I cum in you," he whispered, taking
his mouth off her nipple. "I'll never be able to do it again after just
cumming. Let's just see how much black cock your white pussy can take.
My guess is it's not much more then a few inches."

"Not adultery?" moaned Kelly, wriggling her hips. Shame made a lot of
sense. Her husband could only cum maybe once each week. "Yes, put it

"Does it feel good?" Shame asked, as he straightened his back.

"Uh huh," moaned Kelly, finding her face covered by his hard chest. His
giant body was enveloping her now. "It's so big, Sheriff." Her legs
wrapped around his waist. "I want more." The black man obliged her. "Ah
ah, yes, so big, so good. Is that the whole thing?"

Shame chuckled. "Nope. That's only about half, little lady.

"What!" Kelly was stunned. Her pussy felt completely stuffed. "I don't
believe it."

"Believe it," growled Shame slamming his cock forward.

"Aaaa!" Kelly found herself impaled on the huge cock. Shame's balls
stung her thighs as the slapped against them. He didn't wait until she
grew used to having him inside her. Time was precious so he just started
thrusting hard and fast. "Aaaa!" she cried. "Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa Ohhh Ohhh
Ohhh Yes Ohhh Yes Oh God Yes." Her pussy went crazy. The first orgasm in
Kelly's life would also be the biggest. Her nails dug into
Shame's back as her body shook with pleasure beneath him. Shame paused
while she caught her breath. "I didn't know fornicating could feel so
good," she gasped.

"Call it fucking," growled Shame, starting up on his thrusts again.

"Oh god, oh god, fuck me, Shame," she cried just before cumming again.
"Fuck me with that big black cock." Kelly Grace found herself cumming
again and again. Large orgasms came continuously as Shame increased the
speed of his thrusts. He was grunting like a bull now. Kelly found
herself writhing beneath him from an orgasm nearly as big as her first
when a strong wave of semen struck her womb. The orgasm seemed to last
forever as jet after jet of Shame's hot seed filled her pussy. The
intensity of it all left Kelly stunned.

Shame pulled out and climbed up off the bed. "Hmm, looks like I can cum
twice in a row after all. It also looks like you're an adulterer."

"I don't care. Fucking you was incredible. At least I can't get
pregnant." Kelly giggled a little as she sat up. If she hadn't been
pregnant, the sheer amount of Shame's sperm would surely have left her
with child tonight.

"Here, lick it clean. I don't want my bath to go to waste." Shame held
his dick in her face and Kelly dutifully started licking his shaft. Even
semi-plump, he looked huge.

Sometimes, Shame impressed even himself. He watched her beautiful head
nuzzling his cock and he started plumping up again. "Looks like I can go
another round."

"I love your black cock, but there's no way I could take that thing
again this soon."

"Hmm, turn over and get on all fours then."

Kelly did as she was told. Her pussy left a huge wet mess on the bed
where she had been sitting on the edge. She felt like an animal as she
got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at him. "I'm sorry, but
I really don't think I could take it again," said Kelly, repeating
herself as Shame rubbed his cock along her pussy lips. Kelly was
thankful, but she almost regretted that he pulled his cock off her. Then
something pressed against her sphincter. "Ah Sheriff, what are you

"I just giving you a proper breaking in there, missy." Fuck having a
clean cock, thought Shame as he pushed forwards against her asshole.

Kelly went white as a ghost and tears formed in her eyes as the thick
knobby head of Shame's cock pushed into her ass. It hurt like hell, but
she did nothing. He worked his cock around pushing it a little deeper.
As the pain faded, she was shocked to find she was enjoying it. "Oh my
god," she cried. "I'm a sodomite! I'm a sodomite whore."

"Yes, and you're good at it too," said Shame, pushing his cock in deeper. His hour was nearly up, so he just started fucking her ass hard.

"Sodomize my whore ass. Fuck your whore. Fuck my ass, Shame." Kelly loved being used and taken like this. "Fuck your white whore's ass," screamed the pretty school teacher. Shame willed himself to cum as he slid his cock swiftly between her tight anus. Soon he was filling her rectum up with another large load of semen.

Shame pulled out and started dressing quickly. Kelly looked up at him. He didn't look afraid, nor had fear affected his performance. Maybe it had heightened his performance? "Good luck, Sheriff. If you last past noon, we can do this again sometime. Henry can never know though. This would ruin me.""

Shame belted his gun belt around his hips. "Henry already knows," said
Shame, as he opened the large closet door.

Judge Henry Grace fell out through the door. A cocked colt revolver fell
at his feet. Shame kicked the gun out of the man's reach. Henry sobbed.
"I was gonna shoot this black bastard before he ruined you." Henry
started crying. His pants were around his ankles. His little penis had
shrunk into his scrotum. "I couldn't stop him. I couldn't do anything."

Kelly noticed a small wad of semen sliding down the door of the closet.
"Coward," she yelled. "If you're a man, you'll take up that gun and go
help that real man meet the noon train."

Shame didn't wait for an answer. His cock was worn out after fucking
both Inez and Kelly over the last two hours. Then he thought about the
beautiful Becca Adams resting in his jail cell and his cock twitched.

Shame left Judge Grace's house with a glance at the clock on the wall.
It was exactly eleven.

Shame had one hour until noon.
Part 3: Becca Adams

"One hour until your funeral, coon."

Shame put his hands on his six shooters and spun around. He grinned as
the cowboy took off running. "It's nice to be appreciated," yelled Shame, at the retreating figure. Other cowboys were gathering around the
buildings in town. Groups were leaning against the railings on the
saloon and general store. They were smoking or chewing tobacco, talking
little, mostly just waiting. They were coming out to watch a gunfight.
The regular townspeople were smarter. Closed signs were appearing in
windows and there still was almost an hour until the noon train arrived
with Jesse Adams on board.

Becca Adams peered through the bars on her cell's window. She wished it
Today would be the black man's funeral and she would probably get her wish, but not immediately. She'd watched Shame shoot her brother Jeb on the street. While one gun was blowing a hole in Jeb's chest, Shame’s other gun was out of it's holster and pointing at her other brother Jesse, before Jeb had even hit the ground. She'd never seen a man so fast and Becca was pretty fast herself. Shame’s speed with a gun was almost unnatural. Jesse was coming back to town on the noon train with six men. Shame would die, but Becca knew he might just take out her brother first.

Shame winked at her as he strode past her window. He didn't look the
least bit worried he was about to die. Becca turned as he entered the
jail. Kane the old man was sitting back in his chair with a shotgun
across his lap. Kane wasn't too fond of the Adamses. Jeb had gotten
Kane's granddaughter pregnant and had beaten her when he found out.
Shame tried to put a stop to it and had shot Jeb once through the chest
when he resisted.

"How many men?" asked Kane as Shame came in.

"Just us, old timer." Shame walked over to the cell just as Becca spit
on him. He calmly wiped the saliva off his cheek. "The men I thought
would help me urged me to get out of town."

"That would be the smart thing to do," said Becca. She'd attacked Shame
an hour ago, but the black sheriff had gotten the drop on her.

"Yeah it would, Sheriff," agreed Kane. He'd gone white as a ghost. Two
men against seven weren't the best of odds.

"You can leave if you want, Kane," said Shame, still staring at Becca.

"Naw, sheriff. I'll stand bys ya."

"Much appreciated. I thought about leaving, but I have a hankering to
kill me another Adams."

"Bastard!" Becca tried to claw the big black man through the cage, but
his massive chest was just out of reach. "I'll fucking kill you."

"Such ugly language from such a beautiful woman." Shame was right. Becca
Adams was a magnificent looking woman and a free spirit. She was dressed
like a cowboy, but was clearly all woman beneath the trousers and shirt.
The shirt buttons were open low enough to see the swell of her large
breasts and the lower buttons were undone. Her belly button peeked out
through the gap. Her fiery temper matched the hair on her head. Long
strawberry blonde hair fell about her shoulders. She had bright green
eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips. "But, you might be right Miss
Adams. I should leave town."

"That's right. You should go. Get out while the gettins good, coon. Hit
the trail. Adios amigo."

"I just might. Or I could stay and be a man. Tough call."

"You can't win, Sheriff. I'd rather see ya dead after what ya did to my
brother, but I don't want anything to happen to Jesse neither. He's the
only family I got left."

"If I go down, Jesse will be going with me."

"That's why ya should leave, coon."

"Then that's what I'll do. Masai is saddled and this town is ungrateful.
Most of them want to see this uppity ex-slave go down. I'm leaving."

"Sheriff!" Up until then Kane had been sitting idle.

Shame turned and winked at the old man. "We can't win, Kane." The big
black man turned back on Becca. "I'll leave provided it's worth my

"What do you mean?" Becca didn't like the way the black man was staring
at her.

"What's in it for me?

"Ah... you get to keep your life."

"Nope." Shame paused waiting for her to continue. He turned and snatched
the shotgun out of Kane's hand. "I'm gonna shoot a wad at your brother
or I can shoot a wad in you." Shame handed the gun back to the old man.
Kane's mouth was hanging open in shock.

"Jesus H Christ, Sheriff," gasped Becca in horror. The black coon who
had murdered her brother was asking her to prostitute herself to save
her other brother.

"That's my offer, Miss Adams. Take it or leave it."

"Sheriff, ya cants do that," pleaded Kane, standing up from his chair.

"Yes I can, Kane. Wouldn't you like to stick it to one of the Adamses?"

"Heh heh, now that you mention it, yes I would like to stick it to one
of the Adamses," grinned Kane. The old man leered at the young woman.
"Just like they stuck it to my grandkid."

"I'll leave town, but I need me some incentive, Becca. Ya gotta fuck me
and Kane here."

"Monster!" Becca was crying now. "I you leave," she sobbed, "I'll fucks
you. I'll fucks you both."

"Deal. You can start by stripping." Shame watched as Becca turned around
and started to undo her top. "No," he barked. "Strip facing us."

Becca turned back to face the two men through the bars. The expression
on her face was one of pure hatred. Both men were very impressed as she
began removing her top. Her only undergarment was a band of cloth tied
tightly around her bosom to hold her breasts together.
Becca untied it and her large breasts sprang free. She truly was a free
spirit. Her torso was as tanned as her face from her belly to her rose
colored nipples. Indeed, her entire body was well tanned, the watching
men noticed as she pulled her trousers off. Her bush was as fiery
colored as her hair.

"Well, why don't you start sucking old Kane, here? And remember, Miss
Adams, ya gots less then an hour. So ya better hurry. If we aint done
with ya by the time the train comes, we just might stay and see this
thing out. Step up to the cell, Kane."

"Thanks, Sheriff," said Kane. He dropped his trousers and stepped up to
the cell bars. Shame wasn't being generous, he was waiting to see if
she'd bite the old man. Kane's small white penis had trouble extending
through the bars. Becca took the soft, pale penis in her hand. She
looked disgusted as she tugged on it. When it hardened all the way, she
was able to take just the head between her lips. Kane looked delighted.
"Mmm, doggies, ain’t had my pipe polished in years," he cackled.

Shame started to strip as Becca appeared to be properly submissive.
Shame pulled his trousers off and was pleased to see his cock rising to
the occasion. He was about to fuck his third woman in as many hours and
he'd cum multiple times with each woman. "Better hurry, Becca."

Becca stopped furiously licking the head of Kane's penis. "I'm trying,
but it isn't easy sucking this thing through the bars."

"Go on inside the cell then, Kane. You can juice mine up while you're
waiting, Becca."

"Oh my god!" Becca reared her head back as Shame's huge black cock
pushed through the bars. "That can't be real." Becca had never seen
anything like the black man's cock before. At a foot long, it doubled
the size of any of the three men she'd been with.

"Start sucking, bitch," growled Shame. Seeing her hesitation he added,
"Times a wasting."

"Holy shit, sheriff," added Kane noticing Shame's cock just as Becca put
her lips on the fat head of it. "They sure grow big on you colored

"That they do, old timer." Becca had taken his entire cock head in her
mouth. "Suck that black cock, Becca. If ya gets me off with your mouth,
I won't fucks you with it."

Becca attacked his cock with enthusiasm as the thought of having her
pussy impaled by that monster filled her mind. Not only would the huge
black cock rip her in two, but this was the time her momma had always
warned her about sleeping around. Becca sure didn't want to give birth
to a black baby. Especially the child of the man who'd killed her
brother. She forced several inches of cock meat down her throat in an
effort to make Shame cum.

"Not bad," said Shame, stepping back away from the bars. Becca found her
mouth following the retreating cock. "Finish up the old timer there."

Resigned to her fate, Becca turned around and found Kane's penis
dangling before her mouth. It easily fit in her mouth and got some steel
back in it. She couldn't help looking down at the little thing. Compared
to Shame, Kane was a Derringer versus Shame's long rifle. Were all white
men little?

Shame meanwhile had retrieved some shackles from a closet. "They were
leg restraints used for chain gangs with fairly long links of chain.
"Stand up, Miss Adams and back up to the bars." Becca did as she was
told, much to Kane's disappointment.  

"Hey what are you doing?" she asked, as one cuff clamped down over her
wrist. The black man didn't answer as he clamped the corresponding cuff
to the cross bar on the top of the cell. Shame took another shackle and
did the same to her other wrist. Becca's arms were now spread eagle
above her head, but there was enough slack in the chain for her to bend
at the waist.

"Finish the old timer off," ordered Shame, eyeing the tanned round globe
of Becca's ass now thrust against the bars. Her stance widened as she
bent down to take Kane's penis into her mouth again. Shame reached
through and grabbed Becca's waist, lining her pussy up with a gap
between the bars. He aimed his cock up with her pussy. A pussy, he
noticed, that was glistening with lubrication.

"Yech!" annouced Becca just as Kane groaned. The taste of Kane's semen was on her tongue as the "yech" turned into an "aargh". Shame's cock forced it's way deep into her pussy with little mercy.

Becca was so shocked by the huge cock, she forgot the taste of the old
man's semen on her tongue. With one powerful thrust, Shame had
penetrated deeper then any man had been before. Furthermore, it was
going deeper with each thrust. He had a tight grip on her waist as her
bucked his hips against the jail cell bars. Worse then anything, once
her body had gotten over the initial shock of penetration, the huge cock
in her pussy was starting to feel good, real good. "No. Please no," she
moaned, talking to herself. "Don't make me cum," she pleaded, hating her
body for reacting so. Becca couldn't fight it. Indeed, she was pressing
her ass back against the bars to meet his thrusts. The orgasm was huge
and overwhelming. She would have fallen to the ground but for the shackles pulling her arms behind her back.

Further adding to her humiliation, the orgasm was the first of many.
Becca seemed to be cumming with each thrust of the massive black cock.
"Fuck me, you black bastard," she screamed, but Shame suddenly stopped.
"No, not yet," she moaned, as Shame withdrew his cock.

Shame entered the cell, passing a grinning Kane. The old man shook his
head in awe as Shame's rampant black cock passed him.

"Kiss it," ordered Shame. Becca was still gasping for breath and bent at
the waist. She obeyed Shame without thinking. Her lips lovingly kissed
the bulging head of his black cock. She let her tongue drift over the
crown, tasting herself on the slick head. "Enough. Stand up straight."

Becca stood up relieving the pressure on her arms. Her eyes lined up
right with his massive black skinned chest. Shame reached down and
lifted her up from under her knees. He gently lowered her back over his
cock. Both black man and white woman sighed as he penetrated her again.
"You love it, don't you slut?"

"I hate you," she growled. Becca looked as if she were about to spit on
him again, but she thought better of it. Her eyes were half closed and she was contentedly moaning. "I love fucking you, but I hate you."

"Fair enough." Shame pushed her ass back against the bars as her legs
wrapped around his waist. Soon she was cumming again.

Old man Kane hadn't seen anything like this before. He was surprised to
see his eighty year old dick hardening up again. He had always looked
down on blacks, but couldn't help realizing how inferior his prick was
to Shame's. Shame's foot long black cock was enslaving a hated enemy
right before the old man's eyes. "Hey, Sheriff," said Kane, pointing towards his hard prick.

Shame took the hint. He bent his knees as he fucked Becca. Her ass slid
down the bars until her rectum was nearly even with the old man's dick.
"Ow!" she cried, her eyes going wide. The pain didn't last long and was
dwarfed by the pleasure in her pussy. Only the small head of Kane's
penis penetrated the bars enough to enter her ass. Still, the old man
was in heaven as he bucked his hips.

"Oh god yes," moaned Becca Adams. "I can't stop cumming." Shame's giant
cock gave a sudden jerk and Becca had the biggest orgasm yet as her womb
was flooded with semen. Shame's big cock plugged his cum in her pussy
until he softened and his penis slid out trailed by a torrent of sperm.
Kane's penis also popped out leaving a few drops of sperm around her

"Well dagnabbit, if that wasn't the best time I had me in years. Slut
plumb wore me out." Kane fell back into a chair and used his hat to fan
his wrinkled face.

"Unlock her shackles, old timer," said Shame, as he left the cell.

"Wait! Shame, take me with you."

Shame had just finished dressing when a train whistle blew in the
distance. He belted his guns around his waist. "Guard the prisoner,
Kane." Shame walked out the door.

Five years later....

The black men spread out taking up the entire road. Their six horses
galloped side by side as they dominated the main road through San
Mandingo. The six were never sure how they would be received and all were accomplished gunfighters who kept their eyes open for trouble.

Their leader strolled first into the local saloon.

"What do you want?" yelled the bartender rudely. Cowboys looked over at
the intruders.

"Whiskey, six of them."

"We don't serve your kind."

"We most certainly do," interrupted a strong female voice.

The black men looked over at a table as a beautiful Mexican woman was
rising to her feet. The bartender poured six shots of whiskey for the
black men. The leader strolled over to the Mexican woman. Two other
beautiful women were seated at the table. They were staring wide eyed at
the new arrivals. "Thanks for the hospitality, ma’am."

"You can call me Inez. I'm the owner and the drinks are on the house.
Let me introduce you to Becca Adams and Kelly Grace."

"Brenner," said the black man. He looked down at the three lovely women.
Seated between each was a child of about four or five year of age. Two
were boys and one a girl. He was surprised to see that each had dark
skin. The other black men had also gathered around and were staring at
the children. "We'd also like some rooms, Inez."

"Unfortunately, we're full with the cattle drive this week. But, two of
you can have my room. Come let me show you the way." Inez took Brenner's
arm and the arm of another black man. "You gentlemen can have baths also
if you'd like." Inez Martinez was beaming as she led the men over
towards the motel.

"And I'll put two of you up in my home," announced Kelly, gathering up
her son. "It'll be nice to have some men around the house. "I've been so
lonely since my husband died. Real lonely.

"Well, it looks like you two are coming with me." Becca stood up and the
two remaining black men were pleasantly surprised to see her dressed
like a cowboy. A sexy cowboy. "I own a ranch just outside town. It's
just a short ride."

The six black men never knew what hit them. They just knew they wouldn't
be in a hurry to ride out of this town.

The women hadn't been this excited since the day Shame rode out of town.


Shame's rifle was slung over his shoulder as he strolled down the main
street. Few were surprised to see him enter the stable and ride out on
his black stallion, Masai. "I told ya he was running," yelled a

"Coward," shouted another. "Shit!" cursed one who had bet Shame would

Someone rang the school house bell as all the clocks in town struck
noon. The train whistle blew again as the engine pulled it's way towards
the station.

Shame rode Masai into the center of the street. Men surrounded him. He purposely galloped his horse around in a circle. His trail aimed out of town one moment. The next he was pointed at the train station. Becca's knuckles were white as she gripped the bars on her window. Shame tipped his hat to her. "Ma'am," he said acknowledging Inez as he passed her. He also nodded at Kelly.

The train screeched to a halt in the station just as Shame wheeled his
horse and galloped towards the noon train.

"All bets are on," yelled a cowboy. "The coon to go down after killing
two men," yelled another. "Fifty dollars he kills three before dying."

Kelly pointed at Shame. "There goes a real hero. The only real man in
this town. You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

Inez Martinez ran out into the street. "Shame, come back, Shame. I love
you. Come back to me."

A cry of anguish escaped Becca's lips. Shame was going to kill her
brother just after he had possessed her body and soul.

Shame quickly crossed the railroad tracks in front of the train and was
soon out of sight. The townspeople waited. There were no shouts. There
were no gunshots. The train whistle blew as the engine picked up steam.
Soon the train pulled out of the station. Black man and black stallion
were gone. No Jesse Adams and his gang. Some townspeople closest to the
train swore afterwards they saw Shame sitting at a window with his hat
pulled over his face as if sleeping, without a care in the world.

Judge Grace came out of hiding once the train had gone. "What's going
on?" he asked, but the townsfolk were dumbfounded. "Tex, where are you?
You sure that telly-graph said noon today?"

Tex appeared out of the crowd. "Sure it does. I gots it right here,

"Let me see it," growled Judge Grace.

"Here," said Tex handing it over. He noticed his assistant was waving at
him. "Another telegraph coming in now." He left to go retrieve it.

"Tex ya dang fool." Judge Grace held up the paper. "This ain’t even from
El Paso. It's from Eastwood."

"They relay them sometimes," yelled Tex back. He started decoding the
new message.

Judge Grace frowned. "Wasn't the Sheriff in Eastwood earlier?"

Someone yelled from the crowd. "Why would he fake a telegraph?"

Three women listening went white as ghosts. They suddenly suspected why.

"Wanted to make us look like cowards, I reckon," said a voice in the

Tex returned from his office looking confused.

"Well?" asked the Judge.

"Says here." Tex held up the new telegram. "As per his sentence, Jesse
Adams was hanged from the neck until dead at precisely noon."

Becca Adams collapsed in her cell.

The End

Author’s note: Some apologies for the racist title, but as a parody title it was to good to pass up. This story was, of course, a parody of “High Noon” staring Gary Cooper, just as the first Shame story was a parody of “Shane”. I’ve enjoyed these stories and always wanted to write more. They would also spoof famous Westerns. Hopefully, some day.

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