E&I Timeline


Parenthesis are possible future stories. Dates are all subject to change.

May 1929- Sam Kingston is born in rural Mississippi.

June 1948- Sam Kingston joins the navy.

December 1955- Sam Kingston becomes part of the Navy’s UDT

January 1962- Sam Kingston switches from the UDT to the new SEAL’s team.

April 1964- While stationed in San Francisco, Sam Kingston married a black lounge singer.

March 1965- Sam Kingston and his SEAL team gets shipped to Vietnam. His new commanding officer is a bigot constantly putting Sam is positions of danger, forcing him to do menial tasks, and giving him bad performance reviews despite Sam’s many medal worthy heroic actions.

February 1967- Stress forces Sam to began using drugs. Bitterness against the military, government and white’s begins to grow.

March 1968- Sam returns from Vietnam and catches his wife in a threesome with her two white bosses. He beats both men up and spends two months in jail.

May 1968- Sam gets out of jail and files for divorce from his wife. He moves to L.A., doing odd jobs, taking drugs, and abusing alcohol.

January 1985- Sam Kingston is now a homeless drug addict living on the streets of LA.

November 1990- The US Department of Energy, Science Division gives a large grant to Dr. Walter Slavisek to build a genome research facility in North Dakota. Slavisek begins researching an immortality drug.

December 1993- The Gilgamesh Project kidnaps several homeless men including Sam Kingston. He is given the experimental immortality drug the Xserum. It makes him younger, more muscular, and gives him a 12" penis with orgasms so powerful they're addictive. A weird side effect of the drug is that recipients give off pheromones making them sexually desirable.

January 1994- Sam discovers he was the third guinea pig given the Xserum. The first died, the second Benny/Bull turned grossly obese and grew an eighteen inch penis with orgasms that measure a liter.
Sam and Bull attempt an escape, fleeing with a handful of X-serum needles. Bull is shot escaping and left for dead. Sam is rescued by a young married couple and gives his name as Solomon King. Solomon decided to get as far away from the Gilgamesh Project as possible and ends up hitchhiking to Georgia with a female trucker. In Georgia, he easily seduced a blonde wife and knocked her up with his first child.
"Solomon King", "Solomon King 2"

May 1994- Solomon begins a six month crime spree, mostly robbing houses.

August 1994- Solomon robs and seduces a young wife names Jane. She joins him.

November 1994- Solomon decides crime is too dangerous after getting captured by a local sheriff’s department. He seduces a female cop and makes his escape leaving Jane behind. The black sheriff injects himself with a vial of the X-serum that Solomon had stolen from the Gilgamesh project. Solomon decides crime is too dangerous and switches to doing odd jobs as he travels the country. (Story about the enhanced sheriff)
"Solomon King: The Prisoner"

April 1995-  Still wandering the country, Solomon returns to his birthplace in Mississippi and runs into some clansmen.
"Solomon King Vs the KKK"

May 1995- "Solomon In the Heartland"

December 1995- The number of enhanced at the end of the year is 3, Solomon, Bull, and the Sheriff.

April 1996- Solomon arrives in New York City and is  recruited by a street gang calling themselves the Jackals. The jackals are involved in drugs and prostitution among other crimes. They are led by Snake Jackson. Solomon begins moving up in the Jackals ranks as an enforcer and Snake soon becomes jealous of him

February 1997- Solomon starts conspiring with other jackals, most notably Tyrone
Jones and Mustafa, offering his remaining shots of Xserum to them to join him.

April 1997-  A series of Bigfoot articles in the paper leave Solomon to believe that Bull is alive. He takes a leave from the Jackals to search for him. Solomon soon tracks Bull down in the mountains using his SEAL skills.
"The Spring That Bigfoot Came Down From The Mountains"

May 1997- Solomon takes over the Jackals and goes by the name Boss Sam,
growing his hair long to hide features.

June 1997- Solomon gives the last 2 shots of serum to an addict white chemist named Hank McGraw working in the Jackals drug labs. Hank takes one shot becoming the first enhanced white man and curing his addiction. Solomon begins building up blackmail material on city officials and making as much money as he can.

Novemeber 1997- Hank duplicates the Xserum, but it costs a million per shot.
Several loyal Jackals are enhanced, but there isn’t enough money for mass enhancement.

December 1997- The number of enhanced is now 8.

January 1998- The Jackals are disbanded and Solomon decides to go legitimate, shaving his head and growing a goatee to change his appearance. He sleeps with  NYC Mayor Dunleavy's wife after slipping her XTC at a function promoting minority owned businesses. Hank converts drug labs into Xserum producing labs.

May 1998- Tyrone Jones begins converting an old warehouse into a photography studio thanks to grant money from the city.

August 1998- E&I Modeling opens as does voyeurcam the first E&I website showcasing “fake” voyeuristic pictures from hidden cameras.

September 1998- Zebra club opens in New Jersey. It’s two clubs in one building. The large side has female dancers and the other side male dancers, enhanced blacks with normal whites to give the illusion of black superiority.

December 1998- The number of enhanced is now 15. The Zebra club hosts weekly amateur nights to encourage hot wives to strip.

January 1999- Solomon enhances Dondi Nkosi, the owner of a small Afrocentric publishing house.
"E&I Publishing"

February 1999- Solomon wins his Penthouse in a poker game from millionaire
Daniel Trump after seducing Trump's wife Ivanka

March 1999- King Enterprises. Office building opens, one floor is a hub for hidden
cameras and porn sites. The enhanced surfing the cameras are called
monitors. A few cheap motels surrounding the NJ zebra club are purchased and some rooms wired with
hidden cameras.

April 1999- Miss Teen Idaho, Ann Dutton arrives in NYC to pursue and actress/modeling career and immediately gets a job offer from E&I modeling. She is seduced and becomes a top E&I porn star,
"Fresh Off The Bus"

May 1999- Angela Desabitini, a NYC cop goes undercover to bust E&I Modeling thanks to a tip from Ann Dutton. She is seduced and her black partner is enhanced. She gets blackmailed into working for E&I.
10 men are being enhanced each month with porn sales and revenues from the Zebra club.
"Fresh Off The Bus 2"

July 1999- Hank Mcgraw invents Xcite. The drug is cheap to produce and causes arousal in women and impotence in men. It can also be ingested and diluted into drinks. Hank begins work on delivery devices for Xcite. Ann Dutton invites fellow pageant contestants to come model for E&I. One girl, Tracy Lopez gets a job at Hidden Closet, giving E&I an IN to the world famous fashion/swimsuit/lingerie company.
"Fresh Off The Bus 3"

August 1999- Lara attends the Miss Teen USA  pageant in Las Vegas with Latrell. He keeps busy seducing some contestants and passing E&I modeling’s business card around. It turns into a successful recruiting effort.

09/99- Solomon recruits Jack Hammer a sales rep at a plastics company. Jack gathers blackmail material on the owner.
"Hammered On Vacation"

November 1999- Solomon buys Gilbert plastics for $1 thanks to Jack Hammers’ blackmail material. He renames the company King Plastics Inc. Jack runs the company before switching to running porn shops throughout the city.

December 1999 - Solomon seduces Victoria Goodhead, the CEO of Hidden Closet. There are now 108 enhanced.

February 2000- King Ent. Makes an offer to buy a majority share in Hidden Closet.

March 2000- E&I buys a sex toy factory and begins manufacturing large black dildos through a contract with King Plastics. Various enhanced start buying adult toy/video stores.

August 2000- Latrell and Tyrone attend the Miss Teen  USA pageant on a recruiting trip.

September 2000- Solomon opens his halfway house for ex-cons. Blacks are enhanced and whites are set up for failure to return to prison. Enhanced blacks are given jobs with E&I based on abilities. Hidden Closet debuts it’s new lineup showcasing sleazier lingerie and bustier models.

December 2000- Solomon makes the cover of Time for his success with the halfway house. Government grants let him enhance more black ex-cons. There are 175 enhanced.

February 2001- Solomon buys the Stony Harbor pharmaceutical plant on Long Island. The number of
Xserum shots produced slows as Solomon begins reinvesting large sums into growth and legitimate businesses, limos, landscaping, security, King/E&I publishing, hotels. etc. Devon starts training some newly
enhanced ex-cons how to swim with plans to get lifeguard jobs at Stony Harbor.

March 2001- King Pharmaceuticals is remodeled with secret labs for Xserum and
Xcite production. The old Jackal drug labs are destroyed. Large quantities of Xcite is produced as well as
various delivery systems. Willie, an enhanced water department employee, hooks up an Xcite delivery
system into the water supply of an upper middle class Stony Harbor housing development. E&I Illustrated volume 1 is published, more magazines,  interracial sex letters, and interracial porn quickly follow.
"E&I Acres"

April 2001- Solomon purchases a large beach house in Stony Harbor to oversee his plant operations. Solomon makes a large grant to Long Island University and sets Jubal up as Dean. Eight of the
nine blacks make the 20 man lifeguard team in Stony Harbor.
"Solomon Buys A House"

May 2001- Enhanced blacks serving as yard workers case Stony Harbor homes and begin seducing wives.  Jubal begins changing the curriculum at LIU, placing cameras in the girls dorms, adding Xcite delivery systems to water coolers and fountains. Guarded beaches begin in Stony Harbor on Memorial day.
"Xavier Takes A Wife“ "A Tale Of Two Lifeguards".

June 2001- Brooke Eranovich presents the first threat to E&I's security as she begins poking around Stony Harbor investigating the large number of impotency cases. She is seduced and blackmailed. Brooke is used as a legal advisor and assistant to the E&I lawyer Reginald Jordan.
"Meeting Christy", "Xavier's Modeling Job" "June Bugs", "Laetitia Chaste", "Brooke Eranovich","Girl's Night Out",

July 2001- The Zebra Club Miami opens.  A famous romance writer and resident of Stony harbor is seduced. Later, her romances become interracial fantasies.
"The Horny Housewives" "The Romance Writer" "Department of Corrections."

August 2001- Special elastic underwear for enhanced cocks is developed.
"Willie Ups The Stakes" "A Can Of Worms" "The Love Shack.”

September 2001- A hurricane hits Trinibogo, killing all of Devon's village except for 20 males sheltering on another island. Classes start at Long Island University now under E&I control. Students taking dance classes are steered towards stripping, belly dancing, drama, porn stars, and
computer/business classes help enhanced learn trade skills. Girls Gone Black Videos begins selling nationally with a xxx version soon following. Lacy Lovelorn's first interracial romantic sex novel goes on sale.
"Like Mother Like Daughter", Xavier's Second Modeling Job" Xavier Models Again. "Race Relations" "E&I University"

October 2001- E&I Modeling's remodeling is finished and the old warehouse now looks like a legitimate modeling agency on the inside. Half the building is used for porn, half for modeling. Mayor
Ramano of Stony Harbor turns the tables on E&I blackmailing them for a shot of Xserum. E&I starts putting together a strike force to clean up emergencies such as nosy lawyers, etc.
"The Mayor's Wife and Hose" "Africanos Kappa Gamma"

December 2001- Devon enhances the surviving Trinibogons and convinces Solomon to
finance the building of a resort on the island. There are now 420 enhanced thanks to many successful business ventures, law suits, seductions, blackmail schemes, etc.

January 2002- E&I seeks to replace or recruit an enhanced in every college and major sport‘s teams.

February 2002- E&I controls 87% of the sex stores in New York and has stores in all major cities.
"The Problem With Porn"

March 2002- Zebra Clubs open in Chicago and Las Vegas. (Missionary Positions)
"More Problems with Porn"

April 2002- The Yserum is invented.
"Hank McGraw's Story"

May 2002-  The Yserum is tested on three women, including
Tyrone's secretary Carol. The shot causes women to burn off fat,
accentuates curves while increasing bust and rear size. as well as
healing anti aging properties. The sex drive is normal with no pheromone
production except once per month, the woman goes into heat for a week.
Her pheromones drive males crazy forcing them to mate with the woman,
even fight over her with the biggest male usually winning. The woman
will always get pregnant with the child being born enhanced. Simple
birth control prevents the heat phase though the woman will be hornier
then normal that week.

Darren Brown takes over as mall manager of the Hampton Harbor Mall  Marcus Black opens up Black's gym in the mall. Booker now leads an all black group of lifeguards and all the beach shacks now have blacks working them. More lifeguards have taken jobs up and down the coast.
“Big Bad Brutus", "Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife", "Not Another
Teen Story"      

June 2002- Hank derives a male wimp serum from the Yserum. The wimp shot is as costly as X or Y. It makes men weak and easily bullied. Their erections are weakened and they age normally.
It's not considered cost effective, but a few shots are produced should the need arise.
"E&I Mall", "The Problem With Sim-Porn",  "Caught Stealing:Try it You'll Like it.", "Melons", "Long, Hard, And Full Of Semen"

July 2002- Brutus, Manta Ray, and the others are ready as "cleaners" E&I
begins recruiting sports figures and actors as well as black owned
companies. People and organizations that can pay off their debt to E&I
quickly and increase the number of enhanced.

August 2002- Darren and Marcus take over the Melon's store in the Hampton
Harbor Mall. They hire Xavier as manager.

September 2002- Zebra club LA opens.

November 2002- Jose becomes deputy mayor of Stony Harbor in election. Al
Sharpspeare is enhanced.

December 2002- . Rev Sharpspeare takes dome high profile racism cases. The enhanced now number around 700. From this time on around 10-20% of all enhanced have paid back their contracts and are independent from E&I. The enhanced must pay back 2 million to cover the cost of his shot and another for enhancing a replacement.
"The Adventures of Rev Al Sharpspeare"

January 2003- Trinibogo's resort opens. A female travel writer visits Trinibogo’s new resort and gives it a rave review.

February 2003- The First Enhanced babies are born. Sharpspeare gets a large
grant from the government for Solomon's halfway houses, helping cover
the costs of enhancement.

May 2003- “The Chaperone”

April 2003- "Working Vacation"

June 2003- The TV show Go Wild does a program about the party scene on Trinibogo.

July 2003- Avery sets up a recent lottery winner for seduction, taking control of her fortune. He buys his independence and donates a nice chink to E&I for new recruits.
"The Lottery Winner"

August 2003- E&I Pay-per-view debuts and quickly becomes the highest rated TV
sex channel featuring all interracial programming such as a soap, talk
shows, girls gone black, hidden camera, and porns.

September 2003- Laetitia Chaste has two models from Sports
Photographed use Trinibogo for the swimsuit issue.

November 2003- Solomon joins a high stakes poker game and
beats Daniel Trump winning the Trump Spire casino in Atlantic City as
well as the hosting rights to the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageant.
"King's Trump Card"

December 2003- There are now 1000 enhanced. There are eight Zebra clubs
nationwide, with 4 opening a year thereafter. Solomon enhances a dwarf mostly out of curiosity to see what happens. He makes him a movie star.
"Little Man Big Cock"

January 2004- Solomon seduces Ivara Trump while overseeing the remodeling of
the new Nubian King casino. Reginald Jordan independently kills Daniel Trump making it
look like a suicide. The first E&I controlled Miss USA pageant is held
in Las Vegas, but there is little enhanced presence at the pageant do to
a lack of time. Tyrone does visit the pageant to recruit models.

March 2004- King Ent. First cruise ship makes it's first run from Miami to Trinibogo.
"Carribean King"

April 2004- Sharpspeare begins meeting with African American church leaders to form a separate Afmerican church. He singles some out for enhancement.

May 2004- Devon changes the laws of Trinibogo to allow for polygamy so that Mustafa can also marry his sister-in-law, Nikki Holden. Judge rules in favor of E&I in a case trying to prevent the airing of “The Blackchelor.”

June 2004- The Blackchelor airs on E&I Pay per view. Solomon King marries Ivara Trump and
gains control of Trumps $4 billion empire. They honeymoon on Trinibogo for three weeks where Ivara gets enhanced and impregnated. Jaime Jenison a famous porn star does her first interracial scene.
"The Blackchelor" "Jaime Goes Black" "What Happens on Trinibogo..."

August 2004- Jaime Jennison marries Max Johnson. Max takes over her porn
studio, Cockbreakers, and begins making interracial movies. Jaime gets
enhanced. The Miss Teen USA pageant is held at the Nubian King Casino.

October 2004- Ann Dutton is rewarded for her loyalty by flying her to Trinibogo for enhancement and impregnation. Tyrone flies down to impregnate her. Her mother Marsha is impregnated by Lester and forced to remain on the island a s abreeder.

December 2004- There are now 1500 enhanced.

February 2005- The adult video awards in Las Vegas is held and Jaime Goes Black
sweeps the show. Tyrone makes a deal to provide hung black men to all
the major porno companies and E&I gets accepted by the adult film
industry. Miss USA is held at the Nubian King casino in Atlantic City
with a heavy enhanced presence.

March 2005- An enhanced son, Maximillian is born to Solomon and Ivara Trump-King.

December 2005- 2000 enhanced.

February 2006- Another enhanced son, Julius, is born to Solomon and Ivara
Solomon and Tyrone visit Miami "Twin Troubles" to check on operations.

June 2006- Sharpspeare issues a press release announcing the formulation of the Afmerican Orthodox Church with three other prominent enhanced black ministers. Sharpspeare heads the church in NYC, two lead churches in Chicago, and the remainder in New Orleans.

December 2006- 2500 enhanced

January 2007 Ivara gives birth to enhanced twins boys, Shaka and Samuel

December 2007- 3000 enhanced. The AOC has grown to 10 churches in 7 cities.

March 2008- An Economic downturn slows the growth of enhanced males.

December 2008- Ivara has a daughter, Danielle. 3300 enhanced

January 2009  Barack Odama, an enhanced politician, becomes President.

November 2009- Ivara has another son, Benjamin Tyrone.

December 2009  3500 enhanced.

September 2010 Ivara has twins Isis and Cleopatra. She is allowed to go on birth control

December 2010 3700 enhanced

December 2011- 3900 enhanced. Ivara craving the heat phase goes off birth control.

June 2012 Solomon buys the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Sept 2012- Ivara gives birth to Ivana.

October 2012 Hank McGraw synthesizes Carbonite (the mineral that runs the
Xserum cost up so high) and cuts cost down to 100,000 per shot.

November 2012 E&I plans for the mass enhancement of African-American males, but is dealt a blow when President Odama loses the election to Sen. Spalding.

January 2013- President Spalding begins a secret  investigation of E&I Ent by executive order on the day he’s inaugurated.


  1. "
    November 2012 E&I plans for the mass enhancement of African-American males, but is dealt a blow when President Odama loses the election to Sen. Spalding."

    What, was this thing co-written by Karl Rove?

  2. Yeah, my first comment. This is for my planned ending for E&I. Spalding is the father of Teri from Fresh Off The Bus 4 and he orders a federal investigation of E&I. Odama is a little too close to reality and I wouldn't have used it, but there's a piece of fanfic called Crossing Party Lines that established him as the first enhanced president. The ending hopefully will be epic and include many characters.

  3. Wow you have everything written clear cut. Hahaha

  4. Out of curiosity, what would Spalding's investigation uncover? Any hints? Or would there be enhanced as part of the Secret Service sabotaging it?

    1. My current idea, is that it uncovers everything and he attempts to shut down E&I.

  5. Any update on the continuation of this?